Stunning 1920s Shawls, Wraps & Coats – Great Gatsby Style

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If you’ve already picked out the perfect vintage dress and shoes but you’re thinking of adding a wrap or shawl to stay warm, we completely understand!

1920s Sequin Beaded Flapper Shawl

Get this Stunning 1920’s Shawl!

Nothing sets off a Great Gatsby-inspired dress like the right Great Gatsby shawl!

Whether you are considering a fur wrap, a cape, a feather boa, or a beautiful 1920s fringed shawl, we know exactly what you have in mind.

Don’t wait one more minute! Keep reading and find the perfect warm wrap to give your outfit the stunning final touch that will rake in the compliments.

1920s Shawls and Wraps

1920s Sequin Women Cape

Get the 20’s Sequin Cape!

Whether you call them a wrap, a shawl, or a scarf, these are simple but ingenious ways to stave off the evening chill.

Most gowns are sleeveless or have deep V necklines that can leave you a bit exposed on a cold night.

All you need is the right 1920s shawl or shrug not only to keep you a bit warm but also set off your evening gown.

Beaded Shawls

Daytime and evening outfits can benefit from a little sparkle, which is why you’ll find that beaded shawls are always in demand.

For beginners, check out this stunning little shawl.

1920s Beaded Sequin Gatsby Shawl

Get the Sequin Shawl!

We love the back cutout and fringed sleeves covering just enough of your shoulders to stop the chill without detracting from your equally gorgeous dress!

Another excellent 1920s Great Gatsby shawl is this sheer cover.

1920s Sequin Flapper Evening Shawl

Get the Flapper Shawl!

We can’t get enough of the sequins that almost look like rain! The button front will keep your decolletage and shoulders warm without covering up your beautiful flapper dress.

If you’re looking for a 1920s cape that’s a purely ornamental accessory, this sheer little 1920s cape is perfect for most flapper outfits.

Black Sequin Flapper Shawl Accessory

Get the 1920’s Cape!

We love the gold trim and the super sheer, almost spider web-like design. You’ll get lots of compliments in this 1920s-inspired cape.

Last, but by no means least, we simply couldn’t leave out this drop-dead stunning beaded cape.

1920s Sequin Black Women Cape

Get the Beaded Cape!

Don’t you love the way it looks like you’re wearing leaves that have been stitched together? Super stylish and elegant, everyone will want to know where you got this beautiful vintage cape.

Fur Wraps

You might think that fur wraps haven’t been in fashion for decades, and you would be right. However, in the 1920s, real fur wraps were the height of fashion and were considered something that only the wealthy could afford.

Today, of course, we would never use real fur, however, the faux furs of today look just like the real thing and are a fraction of the cost.

If you want to stay warm but look glamorous at the same time, you can’t go wrong with a 1920s fur wrap like this one.

Great Gatsby Faux Fur Shoulder Collar Scarf

Get the 20’s Fur Wrap!

This comes in several colors, but we love the “Burly Wood” color you see here. It looks so much like fox fur that only an expert could tell the difference.

For a Great Gatsby-type outfit, a 1920s fur cape, such as this one, would be the perfect complement to nearly every outfit.

1920s Faux Fur Scarf Wrap Evening Cape

Get the Vintage Fur Cape!

This vintage look faux fur cape offers plenty of coverage and is lined for comfort. It also comes in several colors to match your evening wear.

This sweet little 1920s fur shawl is going to add a luxurious touch to your evening gown.

1920s Faux Fur Shoulder Collar Scarf

Get the Luxurious Fur Shawl!

Simple but charming, this comes in colors that will match any outfit. Even flappers need to stay warm, and this charming shawl will get you tons of attention.

Were Shawls Popular in the 1920s?

Yes, they were!

Near the end of the 1800s, shawls and scarves had begun to be seen in a bad light. These items of clothing began to be associated with grandmas going to church, and they went out of fashion for a short time.

Then came the 1920s with convertible cars and more revealing dresses. Women found that a shawl, scarf coat, or shrug would help to keep them warm while not being seen as too old-fashioned.

Fur shrugs and wraps were worn by movie stars and seen as a luxurious accessory. Flappers who were looking for a bit of modesty but didn’t want to cover their gown wore sheer or short capes and shrugs.

Beaded shawls, capes, and fashionable wraps surged in popularity in the Jazz Era and were commonly seen in cars and speakeasies across the country.

Great Gatsby Shawls and Evening Wraps

If you are into the Great Gatsby fashion and want something that is truly vintage, you’ll want to keep Daisy, Jordan, and Myrtle in mind (you might also like to see Great Gatsby Upper Class 1920s Fashion ).

Remember that Daisy was the wife of a wealthy man and very classy. Think refined elegance and you’ll have an idea about how she would dress.

This simple fringed shawl is an example of something Daisy Buchanan would wear.

1920s Style Fringe Shawl in Off White

Get the Classy 1920’s Shawl!

Its elegance is in its timeless nature. This shawl or scarf literally goes with everything you own, including your Great Gatsby dress.

If you would like something a bit more showy but still classic, this lovely shawl has fringe galore without being gaudy.

1920s Knee Length Fringed Shawl

Get the Vintage Shawl!

We love the knee-length fringe and the elegant pattern that reminds us of a peacock.

Jordan Baker in the Great Gatsby was a single woman and a friend of Daisy (learn more on Jordan Baker quotes here). She was a modern young woman who was perhaps the most sought-after woman at Gatsby’s parties.

Being a flapper, Jordan Baker might have worn a 1920s fringed shawl like this one.

1920s Beaded Sequin Flapper Shawl

Get the Sequin Flapper Shawl!

You’ll love the lace design, and the fringe is oh so flapper girl friendly!

For those who want a beaded shawl that will match their Jordan Baker inspired beaded dress, you might want to consider this adorable 1920s shawl.

Z&X Women's 1920s Beaded Sequin Shawl Wrap Fringed Evening Party Cape Wedding Bridal Cover Up Scarf (#07 Black)

Get the Fringed Cape!

This alluring and authentic Great Gatsby shawl comes in several colors to match your outfit, or you could choose a contrasting color.

Last, if you are more interested in playing the part of Myrtle Wilson, you’ll find this 1920s cape style the perfect match.

1920s Sequin Beaded Flapper Shawl

Get the Beaded 1920’s Shawl!

Remember that Myrtle was poor but her lover, Tom Buchanan, did buy her a few nice pieces of clothing. Being from the poor side of town, she would likely pick colorful and bright flapper shawls or 1920s evening wraps.

That means that this 1920s scarf coat would suit Myrtle to a “T”.

Shop 1920s Shawls - Sequin Gatsby Bolero Shrug

Get the Gatsby Bolero Shawl!

This sheer 1920s evening wrap or scarf coat will be sure to get you noticed. We can’t get enough of those gorgeous sleeves! This will be your outfit’s cherry on the top, so to speak, and we are certain that everyone will want to know where you bought it.

Which Colors Were Popular for 1920 Fashion Shawls?

While black was fairly new to the color scheme of the 1920s, lots of other colors were hugely popular, whether it was day or evening wear, shawls, scarves, or capes.

Popular colors in the 1920s were white, pink, peach, jade green, red, and orange or black.

If you’re interested in 1920s shawls in these colors, you’ll love these ideas for your flapper costume.

For a white 1920s vintage shawl, this graceful piece can’t be beat.

1920s Sequin Women Cape

Get the 20’s Sequin Cape!

We love how this little cape is so charming but still does the job.

For a pink vintage shawl, you’ll love this adorable look.

Soft Chiffon Shawls Wraps for Evening Dress Wedding Cape Cover Up for Women(Chiffon Blush)

Get the Chiffon Lace Shawl!

Simple but classic styling means you will wear this more than once.

Peach is a sweet color that reminds everyone of spring time, and this bolero-type shawl is the perfect choice for a Great Gatsby shawl

Shop 1920s Shawls - Beaded Gatsby Bolero Shawl

Get the 1920’s Shawl!

If you want something a bit different, this should be your choice.

Who doesn’t love jade green? In the same way, everyone will love this deep green flowered cape.

1920s Green Flower Sequin Women Cape

Get the Flower Sequin Cape!

Don’t you just adore the beaded flowers?

If you want a 1920s vintage shawl that is fire-engine red, check out this beauty:

1920s Red Glitter Sequins Cape

Get the 20’s Glitter Cape!

Get the fire hose ready, ladies! This gorgeous number is red hot!

Looking for the perfect roaring 20s shawl or 1920s cape in orange? This color can be a bit harder to find, but check out this super elegant cape.

Hotshawl Capelets for women Chiffon Cape Shawls and Wraps for Evening Dress Wedding Capes Cover Up (Orange)

Get the Roaring 20’s Shawl!

This is the most perfect vintage-inspired cape that we’ve seen, and it comes in several colors, including orange!

The last would be the timeless black. There are lots of choices in this color so if you are looking for a beaded black shawl, you might be interested in this style:

1920s Black Flower Sequin Women Cape

Get the Beaded Black Shawl!

Don’t you love those little black flowers?

Or you might find this lacey, time-honored shawl to be the perfect match:

Ladiery Women's Floral Lace Scarf Shawl with Tassels, Soft Mesh Fringe Wraps for Wedding Evening Party Dresses

Get the 20’s Lace Shawl!

For those who want glamor-plus, consider this beautiful black 1920s fur shrug.

1920s Faux Fur Scarf Wrap Evening Cape

Get the 1920s Faux Fur Scarf!

No matter which one of these you choose, you are sure to look the part of the 1920s flapper.

Final Thoughts

We love vintage clothing, and the 1920s shawls and wraps are just one more piece of our fashion history.

Keep in mind that accessories, like hats, earrings, gloves, a fur shawl or a 1920s vintage shawl will make or break your outfit.

You can find more Great Gatsby flapper dresses here. If you are looking for other accessories, consider looking at this article on Flapper Accessories.

Have a great day and a fun flapper party!

Stunning 1920s Shawls, Wraps & Coats - Great Gatsby Style
Stunning 1920s Shawls, Wraps & Coats - Great Gatsby Style
If you’ve got the perfect dress but want a nice 1920s shawl, shrug, cape or coat to match, we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for.
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