Authentic 1920s Dresses & Flapper Fashion

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The 1920s flapper girl look became an icon of the era, and it has proved to be popular 100 years hence. The drop-waist flapper dress came to represent a new edge and attitude for women in the 1920s as they moved on from more conservative dress styles of the previous decades.

Champagne 1920s Flapper Glitter Dresses

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What’s more inspiring was how the 1920s came to represent way more than fashion for women. Over time, the flapper dress came to stand for newfound verve and energy around women’s freedom of expression and ability to let their hair down and have fun.

1920s Original Dresses for Women

Dressing in 1920s style is a bold fashion statement and a surefire way to enjoy a great night out. The look of the era, and what it has come to represent, is the perfect way to stylize your wardrobe for themed parties where normal is not the norm. Hems studded with beads and sequins add sparkle to your every move.

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Why Flapper Girl Dresses Will Never Go Out of Style

The popularity of the flapper girl style remains to this day. While much has changed for women in the intervening years, the look still retains a stylish but edgy elegance to it.

The drop waist style makes for the best tea dress, while the beaded fringe and glittery art deco patterns are the perfect tonic for a night on the town and 1920s period parties.

1920s Black Sequins Flapper Dress

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What the Art Deco 1920s Dress Fashion Represents

Flapper dresses represent more than just stylish garments. It is a statement about character, inspiration, and zest for life. The look gives off a dynamism that few other dresses can give. Match these dresses with vintage hats or head pieces, a matching bag or glitzy accessory to pull off that fabulous 1920s look.

Sequined Mermaid 1920s Dress

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Since it inspired a whole generation of women to break out of societal norms and press ahead on new boundaries, the 1920s art deco dress style retains that special place in any fashion collection. The attitude that the fashion evokes makes the wearer of an authentic flapper dress shine on any dance floor, party, or catwalk.

1920s Sequins Flapper Long Dress

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How Great Gatsby Dresses Symbolize Defiant Glamour

The style itself combines to display sparkle and verve. The look symbolizes everything about the Roaring 20s, from the newfound era of extroverts to the need to keep parties underground.

Alcohol was declared illegal, but the flappers were undeterred and instead created secret ‘speakeasy’ parties to have a good time. Vintage 1920s dresses are symbolic of this defiance.

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The look saw a permanent change to the attitude towards women’s dresses of bygone eras, and it fostered a whole new mindset both to partying and to life in general.

For ladies looking to add that combination of edge and glamour to their collections, an authentic 1920s dress is a great place to start. The collections are available in various colors and styles to suit all tastes and can be accessorized to the hilt!

1920s Champagne Fringe Sequins Dress

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Replicating 1920s Vintage Dresses for Women

Replicating the look of the flapper girls era is incredibly easy and amazingly eye-catching. You can start with a basic cocktail dress in a single color. With glittery beads and sequins embellishing the fringe, you’ll make a big statement at your next special occasion in your authentic flapper look.

Gold Sequin Fringe Flapper Dress

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Although speakeasy parties are a thing of the past after abolishing the prohibition laws, the look has not lost any of its zing. The parties nowadays may be legal, but that does not stop you from donning the unique look of the 1920s and bringing the buzz of Broadway to wherever you are.

How to Recreate the Authentic 1920s Look

1920s vintage dresses come in many shapes and styles. From daytime dresses with retro simplicity to evening wear that literally sparkles, you can recreate the flapper dress fashion in modern wardrobes. Both day clothing and evening dresses are constructed in simple, tubular lines to reflect the unmistakable influence of the 20s ‘la garçonne’ look. Evening clothes, however, are more ornate and accessorized.

Champagne 1920s Flapper Glitter Dresses

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What Makes the Perfect Tea Dress

Whether for a small social gathering or a glamorous company event, flapper drop-waist garbs make the perfect tea party attire and are a surefire way to grab the headlines! The bright and bold appearance of the flapper dresses accentuates your personal style and exudes a radiant vibe.

PrettyGuide Women's 1920s Flapper Dress Glam Sequin Inspired Beaded Cocktail Dress XL Rose Gold

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Dress styles with zippers down the back and sequins adorning the front and sides were groundbreaking in the 20s. To this day, this look continues to be fashionable and stunning. The fact that it combines so much history with a modern touch makes for an immediate talking point at any social event, and tongues will be on overdrive just as they were in the secret speakeasy parties long ago.

How to Accessorize a 1920s Dress in the Great Gatsby Vibe

1920s Style Dress 40832 in Royal Navy by Nataya

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As the look became more mainstream, the styles and fashion of the 1920s evolved from evening wear to something for every occasion. A 1920s vintage dress for women helps you make a statement of individuality and class (see Great Gatsby Upper Class 1920s Fashion ), and the best part is that it is so easy to pull off.

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From the ballroom to the corporate dinner, authentic vintage dresses are incredibly versatile. They represent the undertone of any social event with the right handbag, cloche hat, feather boa, and other eye-catching accessories. The look is one not to be missed!

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For weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, or any other special occasion, 1920s vintage dresses for women are a dead certainty to thrill and excite. Even for a more regular night on the town, the 1920s look gives off radiance and dynamism that not many other trends can even get close to.

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For fancy dress and themed parties, the flapper style is a must and a great way to combine fun with glam.

Authentic 1920s Dress Styles for Every Woman Peaky Blinders Style

Alexa 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Mauve by Nataya

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The 1920s vintage dress is a bold and extremely versatile addition to your collection. The flapper look is timeless and perfectly adapted to 100 years worth of fashion and style, from 20s themed nights to much more modern beats.

1920s Flapper Style Dress 40834 in Rose by Nataya

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Perhaps another thing that makes 1920s vintage dresses unique is their simple construction. Back then, women would replicate the look by making the dresses themselves and using inexpensive fabric. In other words, the 1920s flapper trend made it possible for every girl to be fashionable regardless of her social status (see 1920’s Casual Dress ). That’s refreshingly liberating!

Enjoy the Glitz and Glamour of the Roaring 20s

And you know what’s so good about that? It means that you, too, can enjoy the glitz and glamour of that era.

So why don’t you let its magic work on you too? Find an authentic 1920s dress to add to your repertoire today! Your choices are limitless!

Authentic 1920s Dresses & Flapper Fashion
Authentic 1920s Dresses & Flapper Fashion
1920s dresses were a unique style, and they remain popular today. This article looks at vintage 1920s items and styles them up in the tradition of flapper dresses.
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