Stunning Blue Flapper Dresses 1920s Style

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What is your favorite color? If the answer is blue, how about wearing it to the upcoming 1920s costume party? You can find fantastic roaring 20s flapper dresses to ensure you look dazzling at the event.

Womens Plus Size blue 1920s Costume with matching feather boa and headband

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We searched the market and identified the top clothing items currently available. Check out our selection and pick your favorite to have it delivered to your address!

A Sexy Vintage 1920s Flapper Dress

If you are heading to a vintage party, you need a 1920s flapper dress. Now, flappers didn’t hesitate to show some skin and emphasize sexiness and freedom to dress in any way they like.

You can go with a light shade variation of vintage flapper costumes.

Women's 1920s Blue Tassels Straps Dress

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It’s the perfect look inspired by the roaring 20s and what flappers used to wear at the time. You’ll see it combines light in multiple colors, and the secret is to use accessories. We suggest adding a feather boa and a cigarette holder to make the outfit more fitting to the theme.

Vintage Dress or Costume?

An alternative would be a dark-blue sequined flapper dress. It’s a crossover between a vintage dress and a costume, but you can find it at an affordable price.

1920s Dark Blue fringe dress

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The fringe trim emphasizes your every move, and the sleeveless variation is perfect for the summer. It’s also great if you are looking to get an outfit that pinpoints your slim figure.

If you’d prefer to take the elegance to the next level, search for a roaring 20s flapper dress featuring a classy style.
Womens Downtown Doll Costume

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These are still flapper costumes, but you’ll remind people of an actual doll once you arrive at the Halloween party. Don’t forget to use accessories – those could be a headband, gloves, or a feather boa.

Are There Plus Size 1920s Flapper Dresses Available?

You are dreaming about dressing as a flapper but wondering if there are plus-size outfits? The answer is yes, and it shouldn’t be hard to shop for the right size.

Womens Plus Size Downtown Doll Costume

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These flapper dresses feature an authentic vintage style. That means you can expect the spaghetti straps that extend the length of the skirt. They are also perfect if you plan to dance since they’ll pinpoint every move. You’ll soon see you made the right choice about ordering this outfit to your address.

Do You Prefer Mermaid Dresses?

Although you are going to a roaring 20s party, that doesn’t mean you have to dress as a flapper. Instead, you can pick an elegant vintage dress. How about placing an order for a mermaid dress, which was popular during that era?

It won’t be easy to pick your favorite 1920s flapper dress. You can sort through numerous costumes to find your favorite, but you can’t go wrong with sequined clothing items.

1920s Vintage Royal Blue Sequins Flapper Dress

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Among the ideas that you could follow, make sure to consider a royal-shade dress with sequins and a V-shaped neckline. The color looks elegant, and the mermaid shape will follow your curves. If you get to the dance floor, the spaghetti straps will follow your every move.

Similar Combinations & Styles

You can pick many similar combinations and different patterns. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to get 1920s flapper dresses that are as close to your preference as possible.

Vintage 1920s Blue Sequins Flapper Dress

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While we are talking about sequins, how about choosing vintage and fringe flapper dresses that aren’t as tight?

Women Navy V Neck 1920s Fringe Sequin Flapper Dress

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All the details are still there, and you’ll see the dress fits the roaring 20s. These costumes are perfect for women who appreciate a V-shaped neckline but still prefer to feel comfortable in their clothing.

Do You Prefer Dresses With Sleeves?

 If you don’t fancy sleeveless combinations, you could get a short sleeve dress. You’ll see that the sleeve is see-through but still close enough to add that dose of elegance you might need.

Navy Blue V Neck Sequin Fringe Flapper 1920s Dress

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The mermaid style fits perfectly with this color, and you’ll soon see that you made the right selection. These flapper dresses are also somewhat longer, which is why you can shop them for a more formal event.

Maxi Dresses for the Ultimate Elegance

It’s time to check out a different style of flapper dresses – long and elegant ones. Who says that a long dress has to be more expensive than a short item?

There is a simple twist you can use if you love dresses featuring a mermaid style. You can shop for clothing items that add an extension at the bottom. These extend the dress all the way to the floor to spice up the classiness.

Navy 1920s Sequined Flapper Dress

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Women love these items because they fit with the Great Gatsby era. The sequins and mermaid design will pinpoint your attributes, and you’ll impress everyone at the party.

Maxi Dresses Inspired by Daisy Buchanan

You can also get a maxi 1920s flapper dress inspired by Daisy Buchanan (Click here to see more Great Gatsby Daisy Dresses ). Women who were around the Great Gatsby always tried to look stylish, and they restrained themselves from classic 1920s flapper dresses.

Gatsby Style Maxi Dress in Royal Blue

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If you want to look similar to Daisy, this is the style to follow. And the best part is you don’t have to search for accessories. The only thing you need is to see you wear matching shoes with the clothing.

A Mixture of Classic and Modern

You don’t have to replicate the 1920s era completely. It’s enough to be inspired by it and identify a clothing combination that’s close enough to that time.

For example, a sequin chiffon outfit can be the perfect crossover between that era and modern times.

FAIRY COUPLE Women 's V Back 1920s Sequin Beaded Gatsby Maxi Long Speakeasy Masquerade Dresses XL Navy Blue


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The navy color of your flapper dresses can also ensure you look modest but attractive. The price doesn’t have to be high, but make sure to read the information on materials. You want them to be of the highest quality, so you can feel comfortable.

Alternatively, you can wear flapper dresses that are a bit different and really make a statement. The unique shade will ensure you stand out from the crowd and attract attention to yourself.

Flapper Style Fringe Jazz Dress in Royal Blue Get the Dress!

You can feel free to order these costumes if you want to be the focus of the party. Another similar variation is choosing flapper dresses with tassels.

Women Flapper Dress 1920s Fashion Style Outfits Great Gatsby Off the Shoulder Royal Blue Fringe Retro Dress with Tassels Party Dress

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These might seem a bit bright, but you’ll see that they fit with the era. The fringe clothing was popular then, and the tassels only add to the overall appearance.

As you can see, it’s possible to buy fantastic dresses while keeping the price budget-friendly. It’s all about ensuring these fit your preference and style. You want to look confident and comfortable, and that’s only possible if you feel pleasant in your clothing!

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 1920s Blue Flapper Dresses Gatsby Style
1920s Blue Flapper Dresses Gatsby Style
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