Stunning Great Gatsby Daisy Dresses & Costumes

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If you’ve decided to dress up as Daisy Buchanan for your next Halloween or costume party, you couldn’t have made a more perfect choice.

1920s Socialite Plus Size Women's Costume

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One thing is certain, flappers from the 1920s knew how to dress to impress! Daisy is always depicted as being elegant and classy with her choice of dresses.

An illustration of a flapper girl all dressed up in typical 1920s fashion complete with accessories

Remember that accessories are the flapper’s mainstay! Everything from feathered, fancy headbands to elbow-length gloves, if you’ve got the extras, it’s time to show them off!

You can find Great Gatsby costumes and dresses that would make Daisy swoon with jealousy right here.

How Does Daisy Dress in The Great Gatsby?

While Fitzgerald doesn’t go into excessive detail regarding Daisy’s clothing, he does mention that she wears white on several occasions.

Keep in mind that Daisy is a wealthy socialite, so she needs to dress the part. This dress, for example, reminds us of something Daisy might wear.a lady wearing a 1920s champagne color dress with fringes and sequins

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It will look fabulous combined with this adorable sequined cape.

1920s Glitter Sequins Cape

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Of course, white isn’t the only color Daisy wears. This stunning dress is another example of something a modern-day flapper like Daisy Buchanan would wear.Flapper 1920s Black Art Deco Dress with fringes and sequins

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For a more demure look, Daisy might wear something like this.

1920s Socialite Plus Size Women's Costume

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This is another elegant choice for a dinner party, although it is a bit low cut.

Dapper Flapper Costume for Women with low-cut front


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You can always add a bit of class to this outfit by adding a sequined cape.1920s Glitter Sequins Cape 

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Last, but not least, if you are in search of the most elegant dinner dress that Daisy would wear, you cannot go wrong with this number.A woman wearing a 1920s long dress with mermaid-hem and adorned with beads and sequins

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We especially love the elbow-length party gloves, which is a must-have accessory for the black dinner dress above.Black 1920s Long Gloves

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It doesn’t get much more 1920s-inspired than this!

What Does Daisy Wear to Gatsby’s Party?

If you’ve seen the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, then you probably couldn’t help but notice the jaw-dropping, stunning crystal dress that Daisy wore.

If you want to imitate that dress, this flapper dress is similarApricot Beaded Sequin 1920s Dress with Sleeves

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While this dress might be a bit shorter than what Daisy might wear, it’s only because she’s married and tries to maintain some decorum.Gold Sequin Fringe Flapper Dress

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This costume is super embellished while maintaining that vintage look. You can really imagine Daisy wearing this dress to a party.Sequined Mermaid 1920s Dress

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This 1920s-inspired dress looks exactly like something Daisy would have worn to Gatsby’s party, doesn’t it?Pink 1920s Sequins Flapper Long Dress

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No matter which of these dresses you choose, you are sure to look the part of that infamous character Daisy Buchanan.

What Is the Color of Daisy’s Dress?

As we mentioned earlier, Fitzgerald didn’t go into great detail about Daisy’s clothing, other than to mention her white dress when meeting her cousin Nick.

The movie, however, gives us quite an eyeful. Whether you notice Daisy’s purple tea party dress (when she meets Gatsby again) or her white feathered dress in the opening scene, you can’t help but be enchanted by the elaborate clothing people wore in the 1920s.

Of course, not all women were able to dress like Daisy Buchanan, but for your costume party, you’ll definitely want to look the part.

Popular colors in the 1920s were mauve, peach, grey, blue, rose, yellow, sand, nude, and black.

Black had previously been a forbidden color, worn only by those in mourning, but with added embellishments of silver and gold, black was suddenly in fashion.

For those on the lookout for a mauve-colored 1920s fashion, this beauty can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you want to create.Alexa 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Mauve by Nataya

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Who doesn’t love peach? This color works well for all skin tones, and this dress is right on the money.Marta 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Blush

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Rather than the standard, dowdy-looking grey, think bright silver for your Great Gatsby Dress! This one is a real head-turner!

Ivory V Neck Sequin Fringe Flapper Dress perfect for dancing the Charleston

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While any shade of blue is fine, navy or medium blue seems to be the favored color of Great Gatsby dresses. We love the details on this one.Vintage 1920s Blue Sequins Flapper Dress with zigzag fringe hem

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When you think of the color rose, think dusky pink, like this 1920s era dress.

1920s Sequins Flapper Long Dress in dusky pink

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The old saying of “Wear yella to catch a fella” might well be true if you’re wearing this ethereal dress.Edith Flapper Style Fringe Dress in Gold

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Sand, tan, or nude, whatever name you give this color, you are sure to be in the height of 1920s fashion.

One thing you could always count on was that a flapper girl wore clothes that she could dance in. This nude or champagne-colored dress is fun, flirty, and looks every bit like a match for a Gatsby party. Plus Size Champagne Gatsby 1920s Flapper drop-waist dress with sequins and fringes all over

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Black is the color that goes with everything, right? Whether you add pearls or beads, this beautiful black dress will definitely get you noticed.A woman wearing a short black 1920s sequined and fringed flapper dress and holding a black feather fan

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Another terrific choice that should leave you feeling 1920s-inspired is this gorgeous black Great Gatsby Dress.
1920's Black Fringe Flapper Costume

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Even if you should decide to wear another color, that’s fine! The best way to make your costume look authentic is to never forget the details!

The Proper Accessories

No flapper, and especially not Daisy, would be seen in public wearing anything that didn’t have the proper accessories.

If you view images of flapper girls, you will see that they are wearing far more than just shoes and a purse.

The right headband can make or break the outfit. Think feathers, tassels, beads, and sequins! The headband can match the dress or simply complement it. Gold and silver, along with black and white go with just about anything.

This ensemble has everything you need to add life to any costume you can create.

Black 1920s Party Accessories Sets

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We love this simple, yet very elegant headband that has both feathers and beads. No matter what color your dress is, this is the perfect headband for a party night.Black Beaded Feather Pearl 1920s Flapper Headband

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While fur stoles were quite common, they are taboo today. No worries, though. You can enjoy a faux fur stole and literally steal the show!Noble Gorgeous Warm Dress Shawl

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Today, strappy little sandals are what most women wear, but flapper girls were a bit more practical, wearing chunky, T-strap shoes that really allowed you to kick up your heels!

Retro T-Straps PU High Heels

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Of course, no outfit is complete without the proper handbag. Like flapper-inspired dresses, your handbag should be small but covered with sequins or beads, like this one.

Black Beaded Evening Bag

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If you are looking for the perfect earrings, these silver drop earrings are a sign of both wealth and taste, so get your fashion sense on and check out this jewelrySilver Crystal Drop Earrings

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Looking for Plus Size Great Gatsby Dresses?

No matter what size you are, you can still enjoy wearing Great Gatsby dresses and feel like Daisy Buchanan.

This dress looks like it came right from the Great Gatsby movie ( see more Great Gatsby Movie Costumes ideas ).Black and Gold combination 1920s Dress with sequins and fringes

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Or if you prefer something that really gives you freedom of movement so you can dance the Charleston, this dress is perfect.Edith Flapper Style Art Deco Dress in Black Gold with layered black and gold fringes

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Nothing looks more vintage than a party dress that is dripping with beads, like this one.

A girl all dressed up in a heavily beaded and fringed 1920s black dress holding a black fan

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Have fun with your Great Gatsby costumes and feel a little bit famous while you’re at it!

Final Thoughts

Remember that Daisy wears dresses that are elegant and stylish. You can achieve the same results by choosing one of the outfits we’ve mentioned here.

Don’t forget the details and accessories! No flapper girl would wear a dress that didn’t have all the latest fashion accessories, such as a headband.

Have fun with these Great Gatsby costumes! We hope you feel inspired!

Stunning Great Gatsby Daisy Dresses & Costumes
Stunning Great Gatsby Daisy Dresses & Costumes
Going to a Great Gatsby costume party? Want to dress like Daisy Buchanan? It’s easy when you have the right outfit! Check out our 1920s Daisy Dresses here
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