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You are getting outfit-ready for a Great Gatsby Party and need to choose one of these beautiful Great Gatsby style dresses you can find online but don’t know which one to pick?

Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail Party Dress

Get this Stunning Dress!

No worries…I’m here to help!

I am, what my friends call: a “Gatsby Era Obsessed”

Yes! That’s me! And I proudly own that title!

So now my Lady, let’s see how my obsession will help you rock the best Great Gatsby dress or outfit of the night!

Great Gatsby Shoes for women

Before choosing your Gatsby Shoes & Accessories, you need first to find the perfect dress.

1920s Gatsby Style Dresses

Dresses from the Roaring 20’s were lavish in design and flirty fun.

Art Deco design, as well as fringe and even Egyptian themes, are the most iconic design details to look for when you are looking for a Great Gatsby dress style.

Short Great Gatsby Dress with fringe

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Here are the different Great Gatsby styles of dresses you can choose from!

Short Great Gatsby Dresses

Sparkly Sequin Bodycon Flapper Dress

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The flapper girl dress is the best-known short style dress of the 1920s.

Short hemlines, knee-length or higher with lots of fringe and sequin work are essential to the Gatsby themed short dress.

Great Gatsby Dress Long Style

Get the Gatsby Dress!

If you’re looking for a long length Gatsby party dress, look for a drop-waisted sheath dress.

You can go with a sleeveless or sleeved design.

While longer than the flapper dress, even the long length dresses still showed a bit of ankle, so choose a gown that is going to end just below the shin.

Long Sleeve Gatsby Style Dress 

Long Sleeves 1920S Gatsby Dresses

Get the 1920s Long Sleeved Dress!

The long-sleeved dresses of the 1920’s featured angel sleeves, puffed sleeves, and sheer sleeves.

Lace sleeves as well as chiffon or georgette sleeves are common choices on a long-sleeved Great Gatsby dress.

Formal Gatsby Dresses

Formal 1920s Dresses

Get the Formal Gatsby Dress!

In the 1920s, the formal flapper dresses were a shapeless slip dress accented with beadwork, sequins, or feathers.

Rich jewel tones and soft pastel colors are wonderful choices in a formal Gatsby flapper dress.

Plus Size Gatsby DressesPlus Size Women's Swanky Flapper Costume

Get the Plus Size Swanky Flapper Costume!

There are so many options out there for the plus-size lady, you simply can’t go wrong.  The beautiful thing about dressing for a Roaring 20s theme is that it hides all the bumps and lumps so perfectly, that you will hold your head high with confidence when you walk into any room!  I simply love this dress it is so stunning and it comes as a set!

roaring 20s plus size dress with accessories

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If these Plus-Size Dresses don’t take your fancy? Check Out My Full List of Plus-Size Dresses – Click Here!

Where to buy Gatsby Style Dresses? 

You can sew one yourself using vintage patterns, or reproductions of vintage patterns, or you can buy one ready-made.

If you are looking for a costume grade dress, any costume shop will have many styles of flapper dresses for you to choose to suit your event theme.

One of the best and easiest ways to shop for Gatsby style dresses is online.

The best 1920s style dress brands to look for are:

• PrettyGuide 

• Babeyond

• Metme

• Vijiv

• Unique Vintage ( They also have a store in Los Angeles )

Daisy Gatsby Style Dress

Women's Daisy Buchanan Costume

Get the Daisy Buchanan Dress!

When you think of a Gatsby style dress, the style of Daisy (the focal female character) is what comes to mind.

Daisy Buchanan’s flirty flapper girl style with short hemlines, sleeveless sequined bodices, and plenty of fringe is what you want to look for.

Flapper Dresses

Great Gatsby Fancy Dresses

Get the Flapper Dress!

This gorgeous fancy red dress is a Unique Vintage signature, which is in my opinion the best brand when it comes to Gatsby Flapper dresses.

So if you want a unique, highly detailed dress with beautiful lines and designs, that’s the way to go! 

Depending on the type of fancy event you are attending, you might choose a flapper dress (not costume grade) or a more formal slip dress with a drop waist.

Beads, sequins, and feathers are essential details for a fancy 1920s dress.

Gatsby Dresses for Prom

Great Gatsby Prom Dresses

Get the Gatsby Dress!

If you are looking for a unique but elegant look for prom, you should definitely consider a Gatsby-style dress!

From short and flirty flapper girl dresses to long elegant beaded gowns, you’re sure to wow everyone in your 1920’s dress!

Looking for a Prom Dress? 

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Gatsby Wedding Dresses

Great Gatsby Wedding Dresses

Get the Gatsby Wedding Dress!

If you are seeking a truly elegant, yet fun look for your wedding gown, you really should consider going with a Gatsby theme.

Choose a fun, flirty white flapper girl dress with tassels and beads, or opt for a more elegant long length white dress with beadwork and drop waist to bring that 1920’s look into your wedding.

Click Here to See My Full Range of Gorgeous Vintage Wedding Gowns!

Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses

Great Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses

Get the Gatsby Bridesmaid Dress!

Nothing says opulence and elegance better than a Gatsby themed wedding.

When choosing your Gatsby Bridesmaid Dress, look for either short length flapper girl style or a long length drop-waist gown.

Keep your colors in line with the bride’s specifications and your beadwork or sequin work understated for more elegance!

Gatsby Black Dresses

Great Gatsby Black Dresses

Get the Fringed Black Dress!

The Gatsby black dress is a common favorite for anyone choosing to wear flapper dresses or costumes to vintage style parties.

The simple elegance of black sequins or beads on a short flirty black dress makes this type of dress a perfect choice for any Gatsby party!

Gatsby Gold Dresses

Gold embellishments were a favorite detail on dresses in the Gatsby era.

Great Gatsby Gold Dress with fringes

Get the Sexy Flapper Dress!

But consider a dress completely made of gold to add flash and sparkle to your Gatsby dress.

Be dazzling in your gold flapper 1920s style dress with lots of sequins and tassels!

Gatsby Red Dresses

These fabulous flapper dresses also look fabulous in bright flashy red, making it another favorite color for Gatsby themed dresses.

Great Gatsby Red Dresses

Get the Roaring 20s Dress!

The jewel tones were very popular in the 1920s and it makes any Gatsby style dress look absolutely fabulous!

Great Gatsby Costume Dresses

If you’re looking for a flapper girl costume or need a Gatsby 1920s dress that is less formal or only will be worn once, you might want to search for costume grade flapper dresses.

Silver Great Gatsby Costume Dresses

Get the Flapper Costume!

Many costume shops and online stores carry these less expensive options.

They look great, but will not last as long as a more expensive Gatsby style dress.  But hey they are so much fun!
Sexy Womens Blue Flapper Costume

Get the Sexy Gatsby Costume!

This dress comes in a beautiful shade of blue! I was actually surprised how much detail went into the beaded appliqué and sequin fringe.  The dress is made of velvet and is quite stretchy so you can dance the night away. It’s really great value as the beautiful beaded feathered headpiece is included!

Gatsby Fringe Flapper Girl Dresses

Great Gatsby Fringe Dresses 1920s style

Get the Gatsby Fringed Dress!

The iconic flapper girl dress is the “go-to” dress for anyone attending a Gatsby themed party.

With its short skirt and rows of fringe around the skirt, it’s a fabulous dress for dancing or showing off your legs.

For a flashy look, choose a dress with a sequined bodice, or for a more elegant look, choose a bodice with beadwork.

Don’t forget to throw in some feather accents!

So there you go, so many styles to help you dress Great Gatsby themed or Roaring 20s style, there is no way you can go wrong.

Now, it’s time to party like Gatsby!

1920s dresses for women

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1920s Great Gatsby Dresses • Plus Size Great Gatsby Dresses [2024]
1920s Great Gatsby Dresses • Plus Size Great Gatsby Dresses [2024]
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