How Did Daisy and Gatsby Meet?

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how did gatsby and daisy meet

The narrator Nick Carraway tells us about Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby’s interesting love story, which took place long before Nick met Gatsby.

How Did Gatsby Meet Daisy?

It all started on Daisy’s debut party, before Gatsby went off to war. He was stationed in Camp Taylor near Daisy Fay’s home in Louisville, Kentucky and was among those invited to her grand party.

Gatsby introduced himself to the debutante, and they danced the night away. Before the party ended, they fell madly in love with each other. 

He promised to return after the war, and Daisy promised Gatsby she would wait for him to return.

How Do Gatsby and Daisy Meet Again?

In the novel, as we get to know Gatsby, he eventually settles down at a mansion in West Egg, Long Island. Gatsby’s car was one of his pride and joys, and he loved showing off his lifestyle in his fancy automobiles.

In Chapter 5, Gatsby requests Nick through Jordan to invite Daisy to his house so they could secretly meet. This takes place one rainy afternoon. Daisy came for tea at Nick’s house but was clueless that Gatsby would be there.

There were some awkward moments when Gatsby and Daisy laid eyes on each other for the first time after five years. Nick takes a walk to let the two do some catching up as Daisy whispers something into Gatsby’s ear.

Gatsby and Daisy Relationship – What Was It Like? 

Gatsby and Daisy had a whirlwind romance, judging by how they first met and became lovers in such a short time. It was an exciting young love that was full of promise.

gatsby and daisy relationship

Daisy was only 18, so it could be that she was infatuated with this army man. Gatsby, on the other hand was already 27 but too busy transforming himself from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby. It’s safe to assume he had no time to fall in love before that. 

Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship was on and off throughout the book. From the start, their love faced opposition. There was the war, but the biggest stumbling block was the difference in their social status. It was like heaven and earth, and while Gatsby’s ambitions tried to bridge that gap, it just wasn’t enough.

Besides wealth, there was the question of old money vs new money. It was also about prestige, greed, and biases.

Then, of course, there was Tom and Pammy, and during that time, divorce was strongly frowned upon.

So while the book shows how they both seemed in love most of the time, it was a love that was destined to end.

How Did Gatsby Find Out Daisy Was Married?

In the Great Gatsby, Nick informs that reader that Daisy sends Gatsby a letter to tell him she moved on and got married. She later had a child with Tom.

In a study of the summary chapter of the novel, Nick tells the reader that Gatsby was heartbroken to learn about Daisy’s marriage. For the most part, Gabby was focused on two things – getting rich and taking back Daisy.

While he did host parties at his house and made a lot of money in his lifetime, he was largely unfulfilled and always yearning for Daisy.

In Chapter 8, the reader finds out Nick encouraged Gatsby to leave Daisy, but he could not dissuade him. Gatsby was always drawn toward that green light on Daisy’s dock.

Did Daisy Know Gatsby Was Poor?

how did tom and daisy meet

While confusing at first, it seems that Daisy did in fact know that Gatsby was poor, as she met him before he went off to war. Even though Daisy promised she would wait for Gatsby, she eventually married Tom and bore him a baby.

Gatsby was fascinated by Daisy’s rich and luxurious lifestyle, and he did at first lead her on to believe that he was of the same social status as her.

Meyer Wolfsheim is another character that sheds light on Gatsby’s poverty and tells everyone of Gatsby’s history. Generally an unsavory character, Wolfsheim does not do much to help Gatsby follow his dream of leading a luxurious lifestyle.

What Happens to Daisy’s Husband?

If you study the characters in this novel, all of the love affairs are complicated. Life in the big city will have that effect. Tom Buchanan is a tough, hardened man who has an affair with Myrtle Wilson (read more on Myrtle Wilson Character Traits) and many other women.

Yet, he becomes upset upon learning about Daisy’s affair with Gatsby. Buchanan is the main antagonist in the entire Great Gatsby novel. He is a cheat, among his many undesirable traits. 

Tom was very affected with Myrtle’s death, seemingly indicating that he had strong feelings for her, more than he would have if it was just an affair.

The Tragic End to their Love Story

Daisy’s marriage to Tom confirms one thing – she didn’t truly love Gatsby. It also doesn’t mean that she loved Tom. If anything, it means that she loved herself most.

While they both belong to the old-money class, Daisy and Tom did not have the best love story in the book, either. They were both unhappy, and they sought other “loves”. However, in the end, they eventually chose each other, which spelled Gatsby’s tragic end.

In a study of the summary chapter of the Great Gatsby, it’s interesting to note that the lives of all four characters (Daisy, Gatsby, Tom, and Myrtle) would have been different if just one of them made a careful decision.

For example, if only Daisy waited for Gatsby, things would have been different. But then, that was not what F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted, and we would not be reading one of America’s greatest novels of all time. 

How did Daisy and Gatsby Meet?
How did Daisy and Gatsby Meet?
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