Best Peaky Blinders Costume Female: How to Look Like a Shelby Sister

Last Updated: March 30th, 2024 by Kerry Wisby (Teacher-BA English Literature, 1920s & Great Gatsby Expert)

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Do you love Peaky Blinders? You don’t have to be English to love this 1920s series! I love Peaky Blinders because it’s like watching The Great Gatsby with gorgeous men and women who have these fantastic accents!

Peaky Blinders Poster 2013
Promo poster for the show “Peaky Blinders” 2013 by Tyler Hale

There are a few Americans in the show, by the way, and I’ll talk about them in a bit.

Why Buy a Peaky Blinders Costume If You’re a Woman?

There are lots of reasons you might choose a Peaky Blinders costume, and you don’t have to be a man to get your Shelby on!
a woman wearing a deep-red retro style midi dress with ruffled sleeves

Get the Peaky Blinders Costume for Woman!

  • The show is popular. Peaky Blinders is a popular television show that has been on the air for several seasons. It has a large and devoted following, and many people are interested in dressing up as their favorite characters from the show.
  • The costumes are stylish. The Peaky Blinders costumes are stylish and unique. They are not your typical Halloween costumes, and they can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • The costumes are empowering. The women in Peaky Blinders are a group of strong and independent females. Dressing up as a Peaky Blinder (see Tom Shelby Suits ) can be a way to celebrate female empowerment and show the world that women can be just as tough and bad a$$ as men.

Who do you have in mind? Let’s talk about the options!

Female Characters in Peaky Blinders

Let’s look at each of the female characters, what they are like, and how you can dress like them.

Polly Gray

Polly is the matriarch of the Shelby family and essentially the co-leader of the Peaky Blinders. She is a strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She’s also brutal and has no problem killing. To pull off a Polly Gray look, think classic 1920s with a bit of Gypsy in your soul. Polly would totally wear a man’s suit like this one.a woman wearing a Three Piece pinstripe suit consisting of matching pants, vest, and jacket

Get the Polly Gray Look!

If you tend to be on the big size, you can sort through the different colors and variants in this selection and find a great quantity of XL and XXL sizes.

Just remember that underneath her waistcoat, Polly would prefer a chiffon dress shirt or blouse instead of the regular men’s shirt.

Add a pair of sunglasses, a paisley scarfSakkas Double Layer Jacquard Paisley Pashmina Shawl/Wrap/Stole - Black

Get the Shawl!

and Mary Jane’s to complete the look.

a pair of black Closed Toe Cut Out Ankle Strap Shoes

Get the Vintage Shoes!

You can go with a fedora

a man wearing a gray Fedora hat with a black band

Get the Gatsby Fedora Hat!

or a cloche hat

a vintage Felt Cloche Hat Winter Floral Fedora Bucket Hat Bowler Hats with a flower and lace ornament

Get the 1920s Hat!

Ada Shelby

The only sister in the family. Ada is a top-fashion dresser, but she’s never loud or showy like flappers. This dress would be perfect to get your Ada Shelby on

a woman wearing a deep-red retro style midi dress with ruffled sleeves

Get the Ada Shelby Look!

along with a cloche hat

brown cloche Hat - Bow-Trimmed Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Get the Classic Cloche Hat!

and the right shoes.

a pair of black classic round-toe Mary Jane shoes

Get the Classic Mary Janes!

You can add a wrap

a black Faux Fur Wrap Evening Cape

Get the 20s Faux Fur Wrap!

and a purse if you like

Embellished Rhinestone Sequin Floral Clutch

Get the Sequin Clutch!

Lizzie Shelby

Second wife of Thomas Shelby, Lizzie learned to dress like a real upper class lady, but she still enjoys all the sparkle of a flapper. This dress would be the perfect one to emulate Lizzie, and it comes with everything you need other than shoes!

a set of women's 1920s costume that includes wine-red and black V-Neck beaded Fringed Gatsby Theme Flapper Dress with Accessories that include a headdress, a pair of dangling earrings, black gloves, pearl bracelet, cigarette holder, net stockings

Get the Lizzie Shelby Look!

Linda Shelby

This is Arthur’s wife. She’s fashionable but modest. Think of a muted Ada Shelby.
a lady wearing a cream casual dress with cap sleeve V neck, and below-the-knee hemline

Get the Linda Shelby Look!

Add the classic Mary Janes

a pair of black classic closed-toe ankle-strap Shoes

Get the Flapper Shoes!

and a cloche hat

a linen Cloche Hat with Lace Band and a peach Flower

Get the Vintage Hat!

Grace Shelby

First wife of Thomas Shelby, mother of Charles. Blond and beautiful, Grace is elegance plus. She wears fashionable but a bit looser clothing than you will see on Ada and Lizzie. I think this dress would be a good match

1920s Inspired Flapper Dress High Tea V-Neck Bowknot Roaring 20s Fashion Great Gatsby Dress Navy Blue Small

Get the Grace Shelby Look!

paired with those wide-brimmed hats she loved

Women Berets Hat Winter Vintage Wool Dress French Beret Cloche Bucket Hats 1920s (Bow-Navy-A)

Get the 1920s Hat!

and, of course, those Mary Jane shoes

a pair of black Closed Toe Cut Out Ankle Strap Shoes

Get the Peaky Blinder Shoes!

Esme Shelby

Esme is the wife of John Shelby (now deceased). She’s a true Gypsy but likes a little bit of that 1920s fashion style. Esme should wear some beads even for day-time costumes. You’ll make a credible Esme Shelby with this blouse

wine-red and black Long Sleeve Lace Stretchy Blouse

Get the Esme Shelby Look!

paired with this skirt

Retro Gothic Vintage Ruffle skirt Low-Gypsy in wine red and black Lace

Get the Retro Skirt!

and a pair of matching shoes

Low-Heel Vintage Shoes with Cute Bowknot Mary Jane Shoes in Red

Get the Vintage Shoes!

I don’t think I ever saw Esme wear a hat, just her long hair in a low messy bun but feel free to add a hat or headband if you feel it works for you.

Gina Gray

American wife of Michael Gray. Isn’t she something else?! Gina comes from money, so she dresses at the height of fashion and isn’t afraid to show off her wealth. Her dresses are simple but elegant like this dress in gold.

a 1920s Elegant long beaded Dress with fringed hem, Great Gatsby Flapper Dress with Sleeves in Rose Gold

Get the Gina Gray Look!

Add a pair of two toned gold pumps

a pair of two-tone closed-toe T-Strap pumps

Get the Flapper Shoes!

and, oh yes, don’t forget the fur wrap. Gina wears furs like these quite often.

a light brown beige faux fur

Get the 20s Faux Fur!

You’ll notice that Gina doesn’t go for the usual cloche hat, but she does favor the tam or fascinator or hatinator and veil, like this one

a lady wearing a black dress, pearl necklace, and a black pillbox fascinator with a net

Get the Gatsby Fascinator!

Whether you want to wear these outfits for special occasions or you simply love Peaky Blinders costumes, you’re sure to find the perfect Shelby (or Gray) dress for every occasion.

Female Peaky Blinders Costumes in Plus Size

Even plus-sized gals have a great variety of Peaky Blinders costumes to choose from!

It depends on which character you want to emulate:

Grace Shelby

Think elegance and always fashionable.

a woman wearing a pus size black-and-gold 1920s Dress with Mermaid Hem

Get the Plus Size Gatsby Dress!

Ada Shelby

Ada is always super stylish and never showy, and she’d wear something like this dress.

a woman wearing a beige Flapper Dress with a V Neck, Beaded bodice and Fringed hem

Get the 1920s Plus Size Dress!

Lizzie Shelby

Lizzie has gone from barmaid to a high-class wealthy woman. She likes the wealthy part, but she’s still a barmaid at heart. This dress should get this idea across.

a woman wearing a plus size dress with glitters, half-sleeve, and long-fringe hemline

Get the Fringe Dress For Plus Size!

Polly Gray

Oh that Polly! I think she is my favorite character. She’s tough as nails but still feminine. Try this pantsuit

a woman's 2-piece gray business suit that includes a blazer and pants

Get the 1920s Gangster Outfit!

with a ruffled blouse,

ladies white ruffle Long Sleeve Loose Casual blouse

Get the Classic Ruffle Shirt!

and don’t forget the hat and sunglasses!

a black wool Cloche Bucket hat with Bow Accent

Get the Vintage Hat!

Gina Gray

Wealthy and not afraid to show it, Gina is easy to emulate.

a woman dressed as a flapper wearing a beige Retro Paisley Art Deco Plus-size Dress with feather fascinator

Get the Flapper Plus Dress!

Get the right hat

a woman wearing all-white with an ivory-white 1920s Wool Felt Flower Fascinator, Pillbox Hat with net and floral accent

Get the Vintage Fascinator!

and fur shawl,

1920s Faux Fur Shoulder Collar Wrap

Get the 1920s Fur Wrap!

and you’ll nail that Gina Gray look!

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! That’s certainly true of the Shelbys (and the Grays) so follow suit and wear what makes you feel good!

The Best Accessories for Women’s Peaky Blinder Costumes

When it comes to women in the Peaky Blinders story, you can dress it up or dress it down.

It seems to me that many American women wore considerably more jewelry than they did in England, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear lots of pearls if you like.

I think the best accessories that will nail the look include:

A hat

Nearly everyone wore hats in those days. I think the only female I’ve seen without a hat is Esme, the gypsy wife of John Shelby.You can choose from several styles to suit your taste or your outfit, including the Gina Grey veil look,

a woman in black with a matching Dotted Retro Pillbox Veil Fascinator

Get the Retro Veil Hat!

the Polly Gray bucket hat or cloche hat,

rust-color Cloche Hat - Bow-Trimmed Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Get the Vintage Bucket Hat!

or the church hat worn by Grace Shelby.

black wide-brim Church Hat with Rhinestone and floral accent

Get the 20s Hat!


They say that the clothes make the man, but the shoes make the woman. If you invest in nothing else, wear shoes that fit the occasion. Imagine a bride wearing flip flops and you get the idea. Shoes were quite simple in the Jazz Age, and these plain Mary Janes can be worn for many years and with many different outfits

Classic Round Toe Mary Jane Shoes

Get the Peaky Blinder Shoes!

A fur wrap

Unless its the heat of summer, many of the women in Peaky Blinders wore a fur wrap not only for warmth but also to show off their wealth.

Faux Fur Shoulder Wrap

Get the 1920s Faux Wrap!

As I mentioned earlier, jewelry should be kept to minimum. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear some fabulous drop earrings

a pair of Art-Deco Rhinestone Studded dangling Earrings

Get the Elegant Earrings!

or a choker1920s Jewelry - Sparkling rhinestone crystal studded Choker Necklace

Get the Gatsby Necklace!

or even a bracelet or two

a woman's hand showing a 3-Row Silver Pearl and crystal Rhinestone bangle Bracelet

Get the Pearl Bangle!

but not all at once. If you check out the photos, you’ll see that the women in Peaky Blinders often wore only one piece of jewelry, not all of them as Americans did.

Final Thoughts

Peaky Blinders theme is so much fun, and it’s a nice change from the usual Great Gatsby parties.

I’ve found that the female fashion in Peaky Blinders is both stylish and empowering. It reflects the strength and independence of the women in the show, and it inspires viewers to express their own personal style.

I’ve never been more into fur shawls than I have since watching Peaky Blinders. I hope you share photos of your costumes after your next Peaky Blinders party or wedding!

Best Peaky Blinders Costume Female: How to Look Like a Shelby Sister
Best Peaky Blinders Costume Female: How to Look Like a Shelby Sister
Dress like the fiercest women in Birmingham with a Peaky Blinders dress. Our dresses features the iconic styles worn by the Shelby women, from Polly Gray's tailored suits to Grace Burgess's elegant gowns.
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