Short Flapper Dresses 1920s Style

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Let’s Help You Find the Perfect Short Flapper Dress!

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Is it your first time to receive an invitation to a roaring 20s party? If the answer is yes, you might need help to choose a suitable dress. Our guide will focus on finding a 20s flapper costume that suits both that era and your style.

Do you like to wear short dresses and outfits? We prepared suggestions on how to pick flapper costumes that will show those legs while looking stylish and elegant!

How to Choose a Flapper Dress to Fit the 1920s Era

Have you ever seen the movie, Great Gatsby? If the answer is yes, the odds are you’ve seen flapper dresses, and outfits that match that era.

The good news is that you can choose between a variety of colors and styles. They don’t call the roaring 20s a golden age without a reason, so how about mixing black and gold?  Click Here to see more 1920s black flapper dresses

Lady wearing black Swanky Flapper Costume

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The gold glitter will ensure that your flapper dress seems swanky, and the center-back zipper will ensure you put on and remove it easily. The fringe at the hem is another detail that fits the era, but don’t hesitate to experiment with headbands and other accessories.

Lady wearing Black Flapper Wig with pearl necklace

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A blonde or black vintage flapper wig can be a nice touch and don’t forget gloves and a cigarette holder. If you don’t like wigs, you can always pick matching earrings.

Black is a timeless color, which is why you could go with flapper costumes where this color dominates.
Lady wearing black flapper Flirt Costume For Women with headband

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It’s not only about finding a stylish flapper outfit, but also ensuring that you can move freely on the dance floor. If you make a smart selection, you’ll be the one everyone will look at when dancing!

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Roaring 20s Stage Outfit

A 20s flapper is a woman who didn’t hesitate to dance in public and perform on stage. That’s why choosing flapper dresses that make you seem like a performer are a smart choice.

If you don’t mind some cleavage and spaghetti straps, you can go with flapper dresses that mix silver and black.
Lady wearing Sexy Silver and black Flapper Costume with feather headband

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These items feature sexy details like silver sequins and a fringe skirt.

Another alternative to order is to go with gold flapper costumes. If you are a glitter girl, you will love adding an item of this type to your wardrobe.

Lady wearing Dazzling Gold Flapper Costume

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You’ll find an asymmetric hemline to spice up the provocativeness. Make sure to choose the right size, so find the menu with product information.

Is There a Store Offering Plus Size Flapper Dress Outfits?

Women understand the importance of sizing when choosing outfits, and it’s no different with vintage flapper dresses. The good news is that finding an item that follows your curves and body type shouldn’t be a problem.

If you choose carefully, your appearance will still look like it’s out of the vintage fashion history blog.

Lady wearing Red Sequin Flapper Costume

Get the Fringe Dress!

Do you like the idea of your flapper dress looking sparkly? How about adding some spaghetti straps, and a long sequined fringe at the hemline?

Women's Plus Size Flapper Dress

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Although these dresses are actually shorter, the straps will make them seem like knee-length combinations.

Why Spaghetti Straps Are the Right Option?

How about finding a fashion history blog online and checking out the flapper dresses from the roaring 20s? As you sort through the items, you will notice the spaghetti straps. They prevented short dresses to be more revealing, while ensuring that they follow the person’s moves on the dance floor.

If you plan on dancing to Charleston tunes, you will want longer spaghetti straps added to a sleeveless flapper dress.

Lady wearing Red Glitter Fringe 1920s Flapper Dress

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Women know that red and black is the fiery combination to go with, which is why they often go with that color mixture. You can use jewelry that matches vintage flapper dresses, such as a pearl necklace.

Spaghetti straps are a great order even if you don’t plan on dancing as much. If that’s the case, you can go for a more mermaid-like vintage flapper costume style clothing.

Red Glitter Fringe 1920s Flapper Dress with silver clutch purse

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Make sure to pick the right size because this type follows your body curves. This one is a great dress for a Halloween costume party where you aim for a more formal appearance.

If you are not a fan of red, how about choosing flapper dresses that mix silver and black?

lady wearing beige fringe dress

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The silver would be the dominating color and the vintage pattern will ensure you fit the era. You can use pearl necklaces and other jewelry, as well as black gloves.

Do You Want to Appear Sexier Than Ever?

Are you willing to get creative for the Halloween party you are visiting? If you want to be the one everyone looks at, don’t hesitate to go with foxy flapper costumes.

lady wearing silver Roaring Roxy Flapper Costume

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It’s not about finding a more revealing dress style than others. Instead, it’s about finding flapper dresses that will ensure a provocative appearance while staying elegant.

You can also go with the “more is less” idea and look for simple vintage flapper dresses. For example, a classic red dress with a straight neckline will make you look like you came out of a fashion history blog.

Miss Millie Red Flapper Costume

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Wearing short vintage flapper dresses doesn’t mean you can’t show some cleavage, too. If it’s summer and you don’t mind more revealing combinations, tassels could be the right way to go.

1920s Fashion Style Flapper Dress For Women with tassels in pink

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Don’t forget a small handbag because it wraps up this combination perfectly.

Fringe sequin flapper dresses in champagne color are another way to go if you seek elegance.

Women Flapper Dresses Fringe Sequin 1920s Great Gatsby Costume

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You can pick between knee-length or shorter combinations for the event but go with a glittery vintage pattern. It shouldn’t be a problem to find them at the merchant’s website.

What Should You Wear to a Formal 1920s Party?

Those women going with partners, or females who want to resemble Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby might need help to find formal dresses.

For example, you can go with a simple 1920s dress whose secret is in sequins.

Sequins 1920s Fringe Flapper Dress with black feather fan

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The vintage pattern makes these dresses unique. If you need help picking a combination that mixes classic and modern, you can go with a pink party dress.

Women's Plus Size 1920s Dress Sequin Pink Flapper Dress

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Finally, you can go for gold and black dresses with unique patterns.

Gold Gatsby Glitter Fringe 1920s Dress

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There are more revealing and shorter dresses, but if you want to emphasize your figure, these will make sure to follow all your curves perfectly.

Final Thoughts

It’s up to you to pick the desired merchant’s website and select the perfect dress. We hope our suggestions assisted the process of picking the style of clothing that meets your expectations. Make sure to find the right sizing to ensure you feel comfortable in the dress. If you look and feel great, everyone will love your clothing combination for the event!

Short Flapper Dresses
Short Flapper Dresses
Do you need a formal or sexy short flapper dress? Our guide will help you to select the ideal outfit! Click here to see all our gorgeous designs & styles!
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