Babe Ruth Costumes Ideal For Halloween & Parties

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if you found that the costume you wanted to wear was sold out early last year, this year won’t be much different.

One of the top-selling Halloween costumes is always Babe Ruth.

male and female models wearing Babe Ruth baseball Halloween Costumes

See These 1920s Baseball Costumes!

Babe Ruth is perhaps the best-known baseball player of all time, and it’s not surprising that he is a popular choice for just about everyone when it comes to costume parties.

Get ready to hit a grand slam at this year’s Halloween festivities with Babe Ruth-inspired costumes that bring the legendary baseball icon to life.

Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or you simply want something a little bit different, you can’t go wrong with a costume that features the Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth.

1920s Babe Ruth Baseball Costumes

Embracing the spirit of Babe Ruth adds a touch of nostalgia and sportsmanship to your Halloween celebrations.

For adults, most men will find 1920s baseball costumes to be easy to assemble ( see more 1920s Mens Costume ideas ), comfortable to wear, and fun!
a man in a black and white pinstripe Baseball Costume

Get this Vintage Baseball Costume!

Now the large letter B on the pin-stripe shirt represents the word Baseball, but you could always embroider or use an iron-on transfer that says NY (New York) on your sports costume

embroidered NY Patch, Sport Team Logo Sign Patch

Get this Classic NY Patch!

or just Yankees on the front

Custom Embroidered Baseball Patch - Ball Sport Team Sew on Round Patch

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and the word Ruth on the back.

Iron-on Letters, Alphabet Patches with Ironed Adhesive, Decorate Repair Patches for Shirts Jackets Hats Jeans Shoes Bags (Black)

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What I like about it is that this old-time baseball costume includes everything you need – pants, shirt, belt, and baseball cap. The only thing missing are shoes and socks! Really, guys, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Plus Size Babe Ruth Costumes for the Bigger Guy

If you’re a big guy like Babe Ruth was, not to worry! You can find a plus-size adult costume that comes with everything you need to pass yourself off as The Bambino.Plus Size A League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume with red baseball hat - size chart available

Get this Plus Size Baseball Costume!

Make Your Own Babe Ruth Outfit

If you’re a DIYer and you want a basic vintage costume that you can customize yourself, I think you will find that this fits the bill,

male model holding a baseball bat and wearing Vintage pinstripe Baseball costume Baseball Uniform with cap and socks

Get this 20s Baseball Uniform!

Or you could have the name Ruth custom-printed on a baseball shirt of woven polyester felt material such as this one.

Personalized Baseball Jersey Button Down Sports Shirts Stitched Or Printed Team Name Number for Men Women Youth

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Everyone will quickly recognize a vintage baseball costume, especially with the name Ruth on the back!

Why Was Babe Ruth So Great?

Babe Ruth’s greatness lies in his transformative impact on the game of baseball and his enduring legacy that resonates to this day.

Babe Ruth had an unparalleled ability to hit towering home runs that revolutionized the sport, ushering in the “live ball era” and changing the dynamics of play.

Charles M. Conlon, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Babe Ruth, 1933, by Charles M. Conlon

Who can forget Ruth’s charismatic personality and larger-than-life presence that captivated fans and made him a cultural icon beyond the ballpark? Try eating like Babe Ruth for a single day- I bet you can’t!

He also broke many records, including the single-season homerun record and slugging percentage, which stood as a testament to his exceptional talent.

Mention vintage baseball players and the name Babe Ruth will surely be one that comes up.

Rasta Imposta Old Tyme Baseball Player Uniform and Hat, White, One Size

Get this Vintage Baseball Uniform!

Kids Vintage Baseball Costumes

While you might not want to pass your kid off as Babe Ruth, you can still get into the spirit of the American Pastime by choosing a baseball player costume that is sure to bring you lots of compliments.

For youngsters, you can try this old-time baseball costume. It includes everything but shoes and socks!

a boy wearing a Vintage Baseball Costume and holding a bat


Get this Baseball Costume for Kids!

Oh yes, and the bat. If you don’t have a bat, you can find one of those here.

Adult Wood Look Plastic Baseball Bat

Get this Baseball Bat!

For parents worried about how a wooden bat will be used, you can buy foam bats for safety.

Foam Baseball Bat Costume Accessory

Get this Foam Bat!

Got a toddler? This old-fashioned baseball player costume is right on the money!
a young boy wearing a red cap and white-red League Of Their Own Toddler Jimmy Costume

Get this Toddler Baseball Uniform!

Don’t leave your infant at home! They can join the party too!
a baby wearing an Infant League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume

Get this Baseball Costume for Babies!

I have to mention this costume! While it isn’t an old-time baseball player outfit, it’s just too cute to leave out!
Infant wearing a Baseball Costume

Get this Infant Ball Costume!

Imagine dad wearing one of the costumes above, holding the foam bat, and carrying the “baby baseball” in his arms! I would pay money to take pictures of that!

How Did Babe Ruth Eat So Much?

No one can deny that Babe Ruth was athletically gifted. Some researchers say that his brain fired faster than a speeding bullet. Everything about this man seemed to be super-human, including his stomach.

Babe Ruth not only ate a terrible diet, but he also ate huge quantities of food. It’s estimated that he consumed at least 6,000 calories a day, but his exercise routine kept him at a reasonable 200 pounds most of the time.

However, by 1925 he weighed in at 260 pounds. He collapsed and was briefly hospitalized after eating 12 hot dogs and 12 sodas in a single sitting. While no one is sure what the problem was, it was obviously food related.

Ruth loved raw beef. His wife claims that he ate about two-and-a-half pounds of raw steak every single day. Friends watched him eat raw hamburger right out off the butcher’s paper, consuming it with an entire bottle of hot chili sauce.

How did he eat so much? Perhaps a better question is why did he eat like this?

Ruth grew up very poor and spent most of his childhood at St. Mary’s Home for boys. The food was simple and most likely very basic. It could be that once he could afford to buy any food he liked, he bought his favorites, tons of it, and enjoyed every bite.

Raw beef? Why would he eat it raw? No one seems to have the answer to this question.

Vintage Baseball Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

If you have plans to attend a party this fall and would like something that the entire family can wear, I’ve got you covered.

Check out these cute couple ideas or pick up outfits for the entire family:

Father/Men: The male in your family can wear the original vintage Babe Ruth costume, such as this one:

adult male wearing League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume

Get this Classic Baseball Player Uniform!

All this is missing are the socks, shoes, and bat.

Plus-Sized Father/Male Figure: Plus-sized men can also enjoy a comfortable vintage costume:


Vintage Baseball Costume for Halloween Men Baseball Uniform Men's Classic Baseball Knickers with Pinstripes (XXX-Large)

Get this Baseball Costume for Plus Size!

Add socks and shoes, and you’re good to go!

Wife/Women: Now ladies didn’t play baseball in Babe Ruth’s time, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! You can always wear the adorable “boyfriend” vintage baseball costume:

a young woman wearing Plus Size Grand Slam Sporty Baseball Adult Costume

Get this Sporty Outfit for Women!

Alternatively, you can try a League of Their Own costume. While this isn’t from the 1920s, it’s still vintage and everyone will know who you are.

teen girl wearing a pink sporty costume and holding a baseball bat

Get this Rockford Peaches Costume!

Want something sexy to go with your man’s Babe Ruth costume? Babe Ruth was a ladies’ man, so you can still have some authenticity to your costume:

Woman wearing a sexy baseball Doll Costume and holding a bat

Get this Sexy Baseball Costume!

How about playing the part of the umpire? Matched with the Babe Ruth costume, this would be a really cute couple’s outfit.

model wearing Sexy Umpire Adult Kit Party Costume in big black-and-white stripes, long black socks and holding a baseball ball

Get this Sexy Umpire Costume!

If you don’t like any of the above, how about being the baseball?

Sports Halloween Costume | Costume for Men and Women | One Size Fits Most | Baseball Costume

Get this Baseball Costume!

Kids: cutest outfits ever are when couples and their kids all dress in the same theme ( see 1920s kids gangster costumes ).

If you’ve got a little one, you can try this vintage baseball player costume:

Toddler A League of Their Own Dottie Costume in pink with matching red hat, belt, and socks

Get this Toddler Baseball Costume!

Or for little boys, this classic outfit is terrific:

A League Of Their Own Toddler Jimmy Costume

Get this Baseball Costume for Kids!

Infants can still join in the fun:
A League of Their Own Dottie Costume for Infants

Get this Costume for Infants!

or this Halloween costume for boys:

Infant League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume

Get this Baseball Coach Uniform for Babies!

I’m sure you’ll be adding these classic baseball costumes to your family’s holiday fun! They are so cute, I can’t believe no one has held a Gatsby Baseball Costume Party!

How Old Was Babe Ruth When He Died?

The great Babe Ruth was only 53 years old when he died of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which is cancer of the nose and the back of the throat.

Because it affected the muscles in his throat which allowed him to speak, many thought that he had cancer of the larynx.

Babe Ruth was one of the first people ever to be given a cancer treatment that we now call chemotherapy. At the time, it was simply mustard gas, and while it helped his health in the short term, the cancer was inoperable, and it returned with a vengeance.

Babe Ruth may have enjoyed his “larger-than-life” way of living for a few decades, but his heavy drinking, poor diet, and love of cigars killed him far earlier than anyone could have imagined.

Before You Go

Remember that Halloween parties are supposed to be fun. Yes, we want to be authentic, but if you play around with your costume and make it a bit more personal or fun, that is just fine!

Speaking of fun, I thought these were so dang cute, I just had to mention them:

Forget going as Babe Ruth, go as the glove!

Baseball Mitt Halloween Costume - Funny Sports Adult One-size Glove Outfit

Get this Baseball Mitt Halloween Costume!

Or you could go as the baseball.

All American Varsity Sports Halloween Costume for Men and Women Baseball Costume

Get this Baseball Halloween Costume!

A ball and glove- wouldn’t that be cute for a couple?

Embody the timeless spirit that is American baseball!

Babe Ruth Costumes Ideal For Halloween & Parties
Babe Ruth Costumes Ideal For Halloween & Parties
Step up to the plate this Halloween with iconic Babe Ruth costumes for the whole family. These will hit a home run at any costume party. Get your outfit now!
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