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Babeyond Ladies White & Gold T Strap Shoes 1920s Style

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1920s Flapper Shoes

Are you looking for the best 1920s style shoes or women’s Great Gatsby shoes to party all night long? 1920 shoes are in my opinion, the best shoes to wear for a party.

Great Gatsby Shoes for women

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Whenever I’m heading to a Great Gatsby party dressed in my fabulous Gatsby dress, the one thing I really think about is my shoes.

As a flapper, it’s all about the look, but also, the shoe has to be comfortable enough to dance all night long.

Mary Jane Pump and T Strap Pump

The most popular style of flapper shoe in the 1920s was a Mary Jane pump with a strap over the ankle or a T strap pump.

Robasiom Fashion T Strap Bows Womens Platform High Heel Pumps Shoes 7.5B(M) US Black

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The more straps, the better!

This was the first time that women were showing off their feet with short dresses, and those shoes were a fashion statement!

Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Dress Shoes High Heels Pumps Black/White

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Women’s 1920s Style Shoes

Here are my top choices for women’s flapper heels that will match your flapper dress perfectly and will keep you on the dance floor all party long!

ELLIE 511-GANGSTER Women's Pointy Toe Lace Up Two Tone Cut-Out Oxford Pump, Color:Black w/ White, Size:13

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1920s Great Gatsby Shoes For Women

Brinley Co – Mary Jane Pump:

best great gatsby shoes women

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What says 1920’s flapper better than this gorgeous 4-inch stiletto heel? The rubber sole and T strap will keep these flapper heels doing the Charleston all night long.

These beauties come in the high gloss patent leather look or a matte leather. There’s also a fabulous brown suede pump. With 12 different color and style choices, this women’s flapper shoe is perfect!

Ellie Shoes – Lucille Dress Pump

1920s shoes

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Looking for a little less heel? This beautiful Lucille pump is it! With its 2.5-inch sculpted heel, this shoe is awesome for dancing. The rubber sole will keep you from slipping and the T-strap will keep it snug and in place. I just adore the extra strap detail on the rounded toe of the shoe! This Gatsby shoe only comes in black satin but is so lovely it can be worn for any occasion.

Chase & Chloe Kimmy – Teardrop Cut Out T-Strap Pumps:

1920s womens shoes

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This amazing beauty by Chase and Chloe may very well be the perfect shoe for any costume or any 1920s drop waist dress. These mid-heel shoes have the iconic T-strap design of the 1920s but actually has a little additional strap detail at the ankle. The 2.75-inch heel is just right in creating that Gatsby flapper look.

The rounded toe has wonderful little teardrop cutouts that make this shoe flirty and feminine. The best part? It comes in about thirty-six color variants in leather and patent leather.

There’s even a silver glitter version! If you happen to be looking for a shoe to match your dress perfectly, or to match your handbag, definitely take a look at this pump!

T-Strap Glitter Synthetic  Dance Shoes

1920s style shoes

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 This has to be one of the fanciest women’s Great Gatsby shoes out there. This shoe definitely could have made an appearance at Jay Gatsby’s famous parties! Just look at all those straps!

The iconic T-strap of the 1920s is taken to a whole new level with all the fancy strapwork around the rounded toe. Even better? You can choose from a variety of heel heights between 3.5 cm to 10 cm.

The sole is made from suede leather for dancing or there’s the option of changing it to a rubber sole if you will be wearing them outdoors. Both soles are perfect for dancing.

These pretty 1920s shoes come in over 20 color varieties, both woven look, and printed look. Pair it with your favorite flapper dress and get ready to party like it’s 1920!

J. Adams Kym Mary Jane Oxford Heels - Round Toe Rockabilly Pumps Shoes Women Grey Cream

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Chase & Chloe Dora- Round Toe Two Tone Mary Jane Pumps: 

1920s ladies shoes

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What I adore about Chase and Chloe’s Dora-2 pump is that it combines the Mary Jane strap pump with the sportier Oxford look. This round-toed beauty features the iconic Oxford coloring on the toe and heel.

It’s 1920s style 2.75-inch heel and synthetic sole make this shoe perfect for dancing or any occasion. It is available in an array of eye-pleasing color combinations like Navy/white, tan/white, Grey/white, and Red/white. This 1920’s women’s shoe works perfectly with the more subdued, elegant dresses of the era.

Funtasma – Flapper Pumps Shoes:

Funtasma Women's Flapper-26 Slide Pump, Black Polyurethane, 8 M US

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If you love the 1920s Oxford style shoes but want to avoid the multicolor look, Funtasma’s Spectator Mary Jane pump is a perfect choice. Made of leather, these classic 1920s style shoes feature the iconic Oxford toe and heel with a tone on tone look.

The available colors are also classic white, cream, and black matte. It features 3-inch kitten heels that provide sturdy support whether dancing or just making the rounds at your Great Gatsby party. Classic design with comfort too!

ForeMode – Round Toe T-Strap Mary Janes Dress Pumps

black roaring 20s women's shoes

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When you think of flapper girls, you think of flirty fun. That’s exactly what these 1920s shoes are! Susanny took the iconic T-strap pump and adorned it with a sassy bow on the rounded toe. Pair these girly pumps with your flapper fringe dress and you are sure to turn heads!

J. Adams Pepper Mary Janes - Vintage Cutout Low Kitten Heels Retro T Strap Pumps

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A 3-inch cone heel and rubber sole on these 1920s style shoes allow you to dance the night away at your Great Gatsby party. Perhaps these were the style Daisy wore to turn Jay Gatsbys head! Available in black, beige, blush pink, and sage green, you really need a pair of these adorable pumps!

Classic 1920s Shoe Styles for Women

Honeystore Women's Closed Toe T-Strap Latin Dance Shoes Mid-Heel Bling Gliter Party Shoes Champagne 7.5 B(M) US

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The shoes of the 1920s were perhaps the most important embellishment for the flapper girls.

As the skirts got shorter, the feet began to show and the shoes got sassier as well.

The strapped heels on the 1920s style shoes began to turn into rounded toe Mary Janes and T-straps that showed off as much stocking as possible.

The 1920s shoes higher heels emphasized the flapper girl’s stocking-clad legs and details such as cutouts and bows made the shoes as much a part of the outfit as the dress.

As you choose your outfit for your Gatsby themed party, take some time in selecting your shoes, just like the flapper girls of the 1920s would!

Choosing Your 1920s Great Gatsby Flapper Shoes

Red ladies 1920s dress shoes

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When choosing the 1920’s flapper shoes, there are many great choices available.

While the Mary Jane 1920s style shoes, with a single strap across the vamp of the foot, was the most popular shoes of the Roaring ’20s, there were also other styles that made great party shoes.

You want to try to stay authentic to the styles of the day, and that begins with understanding what shoes women in the 1920s wore for each occasion.

The post-war 1920s style shoes were a rebellion against the centuries of being conservatively covered up in long dresses and laced up boots.

Hair and skirts suddenly got a whole lot shorter and women were trying to show off as much skin as possible.

Although they still wore stockings all the time, the idea was to show off the leg and foot.

The shoes were a fashion statement as much or more so than the dresses of the day.

1920s Casual Flapper Shoes

20s women's shoes with buckle and strap

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For casual wear, the heeled oxfords were one of the most popular fashion 1920s shoes.

It had a 1-inch to 1 ¾-inch heel and a sturdy lace-up style that was great for everyday house wear and any walking.

The new rubber heel makes these oxfords style of shoes more comfortable.

The capped toe and contrasting colors on these shoes made these oxfords a staple of 1920’s fashion for many women ( read more on Flappers in the 1920s ).

It was a 1920’s trend that looks fabulous even with a nice dress.

There were other casual shoe styles that were more like the flapper heels, but these lower heeled shoes with thicker straps featured lots of details and were often just as fancy as the flapper heels.

Another thing about these casual shoes was that they came in more color varieties than the more formal women’s shoes.

If you have a difficult time wearing the higher heels well, you might want to choose a shoe like this!

Roaring 20s Shoes for Formal Flapper Looks

black fringe 1920s fashion shoes

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While formal dress shoes were typically the Mary Jane pump or the T-strap pump 1920s style shoes that all the flapper girls were wearing, there was a wide variety of styles in those two types of shoes.

For example, if attending a daytime event, ladies of the Roaring ’20s would usually wear a white dress with white 1920s shoes (usually Mary Jane white pumps).

Dancing shoes for the flapper girl would have a higher heel and would be very ornate.

Dinner party shoes without dancing might be a thicker, lower heel.

For a unique look, women also were wearing colonial-style pumps that were a truly fabulous shoe style.

These 1920s shoes did not have any straps but featured a large tongue reminiscent of the colonial era.

Some of the pumps even had a large buckle detail on the toe. While it may be a bit more difficult to find this style of pump, there are many similar 1920s shoe styles out there.

in this day and time, these shoes are still available from a few places and would be an awesome choice for a dinner or cocktail party where you’re not dancing.

1920s Flapper Girl Dancing Shoes

Honeystore Women's Glitter Sequin Mary Jane Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes 1920s Prom Salsa Performance Sliver 9.5 B(M) US

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If you’re dressing as a flapper girl, you’re definitely going to want to consider keeping your shoes in the same style as the look you’ve chosen but keep in mind that the shoe also has to be comfortable enough to dance and stay securely strapped on your foot.

Many of these 1920’s style shoes can be found in supple leather, suede, and satin which have a nice bit of flexibility for dancing as well as comfort.

The Most Popular Shoe Styles of the 1920s

The most popular style of flapper shoe, the Mary Jane pump made its debut in this era.

The high heel and strap over the vamp of the foot made these 1920s shoes secure for dancing and just scandalous enough for the flapper girl by showing lots of foot.

The T- strap pump was also a very popular style with the additional strap running vertically which added even more support to the dancing shoe and drawing more attention to the top of the foot.

Both of these shoes were fantastic for the flapper girl as they showed off as much skin or stocking as possible while staying firmly in place while dancing rigorous dances like the Charleston.

The original Mary Jane pumps and T-strap pumps had a single strap, but as fashion evolved through the 1920s, the shoes became more ornate.

Fancy cutouts in Art Deco shapes and multiple straps became the trend.

Rhinestones in the heels and straps that were metallic or contrasting became very popular for flappers.

Consider the Type of Floor You Will Be Dancing On

When choosing either of these types of shoes, you will want to look for lots of details on the shoe. Fancier and flashier is better.

If you will be doing a lot of dancing on hardwood floors, you might want to look for a sole on your shoe that is made from nubuck or microfiber suede rather than a rubber sole.

The suede allows more grip and slide on the floor.

The one drawback to this type of sole is that it is only designed for dancing, and if you wear them outdoors, the sole will tear up quickly.

If you’re a serious dancer ready to showcase your most flamboyant flapper skills, you will want to also take into consideration the sole.

1920s Shoe Heels

Another consideration is how well you can dance in certain heel heights.

While some of these heels are a modest 2-inch height, you might not be able to dance well in the higher 3-4-inch heels.

Look for a thicker heel in a lower height, or consider going with the more casual low-heeled shoe to make it easier to dance your heart out!

Other 1920s Fashion Details to Consider 

Red flapper dress shoes

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When choosing the perfect pair of 20s vintage flapper shoes to complement your Great Gatsby 1920’s look, here are a few more details to look for:

– Mary Janes tied with a ribbon through eyelets instead of a strap
– Sparkling buckles
– Covered button details – vintage lace or no lace
– Lizard, alligator, or reptile print leather
– Precious stone or rhinestone accents
– Egyptian, Asian or Greek motifs

More Thoughts

The shoes of the 1920s could perhaps have been the most important accessory for the flapper girls.

The entire Roaring 20’s was a rebellion against the restraint and dress rules of the previous decade.

Flapper girls delighted in being scandalous and breaking with the traditions of the past. With the shortened skirts, lots of leg was the look of the day.

The shoes worn by women in the 1920’s reflected that same idea.

The more skin you could show, the better, so laced up boots became pumps with lots of foot showing.

The dresses and hair got shorter and sassier and the shoes got sassier as well.

The pointed toes of the laced boots of the past turned into rounded toe pumps, and the Mary Janes and T-straps that began as simple single straps got more intricate with multiple straps, thinner straps, and straps as embellishments.

Colors became more varied and contrasting colors were used often.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Thickness of the Heel

The higher heels emphasized the calves of the ladies’ dancing legs, but if you have a difficult time with high heels, you can find many styles and heights of heels in flapper girl shoes.

Choose one that fits your style and comfort level and consider the thickness of the heel, as a thicker heel gives more support.

Embellishments and fine details such as cutouts, buttons, buckles, and bows will help to make the shoes as much a part of the overall outfit as the dress.

Do You Want Pumps or Heals?

As you carefully consider your shoes to compliment your dress, take time in selecting your 1920s shoe design for example – do you want pumps or heels? Think style and comfort.

Think straps and color. Think flash and sparkle.

Let the style guides from the 1920s assist you as you choose your perfect pair of 1920’s Great Gatsby Flapper shoes.

1920's womens shoes with high heal

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