1920s Black Flapper Dresses

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Stunning Black Flapper Girl Dresses – 1920s Style

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 You believe that females should always look their best, no matter the event they are visiting. However, you are particularly motivated to impress everyone at the upcoming 1920s style party.

Glitter Fringe black 1920s dress

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You know that black flapper dresses are the perfect fit, but you need help choosing the perfect costume. Check out our detailed guide designed to offer assistance while choosing the ideal item for your upcoming celebration!

1920s Basics – You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic Black Flapper Dress

Is it your first time using 1920s style as an inspiration for your flapper costumes? If that is the case, let’s start with something classic that will make you look great. How about replicating a flapper look completely?

Women's 1920s black Gatsby dress

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Nobody says that black flapper dresses can’t have colored details, and combining black and gold gives just the spark your costume needs. The spaghetti straps at the bottom and the length that ends up just above the knees will look perfect. It fits the roaring 20s style, and you will look like you are out from a 1920s movie. And the best part is that it shouldn’t be too hard to find items similar to this on sale!

Are you opposed to using any colors and looking strictly for black flapper dresses? That’s perfectly fine because there are exclusive solutions that only include black and still make you look and feel like a goddess.

Great Gatsby Black and Gold flapper dress

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These fringe party dresses are also perfect if the event is a bit more formal. They have short sleeves and spaghetti straps at the knees, and the accessories are the ones that will ensure you fit the 1920s style. Try to find a headband or a cigarette holder, and feather boa is also among the great ideas for that era.

It’s Time to Turn on the Elegance!

You have two approaches when choosing flapper costumes – either you will look for products to look like an elegant lady, or you will pursue a sexy appearance. Women who prioritize elegance will enjoy outfits that have somewhat longer skirts that go below the knee.

great gatsby black dress

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Look for products that include an entire flapper costume combination and not just a roaring 20s vintage dress. For example, combining flapper dresses with a waist sash is always a nice touch, especially if you have a capelet of faux fur. Yes, we said faux because there is no need for animals to be hurt, and you will still look great!

And if you want the dress to be unique, how about finding a store that utilizes chiffon fabric or fabric with loads of beading and sequins?

Classic Short Black Flapper Dress

1920s Black Silver Sequins Dress

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Chiffon has always been the material of choice for elegant and luxury ladies, and it was an integral part of the 1920s fashion style. The half-sleeve length that is see-through and dress movement as you make every step will ensure you are worthy of the Great Gatsby himself!

Shorten the Dress, but Keep the Elegance

It might be summer, or you don’t feel like wearing a long vintage dress. If that is the case, it is time for some orders to your address that will contain above-knee 1920s style flapper dresses.

Since we are focusing on the black color in this article, how about going all-black?Plus Size 1920's black roaring 20's dress

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You don’t have to experiment with colored details since black sequin edging should be enough to make this flapper costume beautiful.

However, if you feel like matching colors, black and gold have always been a perfect combination for the party.

Black and Gold Sequin Long Tulle 1920s Dress

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And what if you don’t want to buy anything new, but make a choice from the clothes you already have? If you happen to have an art deco vintage dress in your wardrobe, now is the time to wear it!

1920s flapper dress with beading

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However, even if you don’t, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it right away since it will be worth the price once you see how great it feels wearing it!

Are There Plus-Size Black Flapper Dresses Available?

I must say being a plus-size lady myself, I love how fantastic Flapper dresses make me look and that’s why they are always my go-to for any themed party!  If you have a couple of extra pounds, that won’t prevent you from looking fantastic at your upcoming 1920s party. The crucial thing is to find and wear a dress that follows your body shape. Fortunately, you will have an extensive choice as long as you find a store offering plus size dresses.

Women Black 1920s Fringe Sequin Flapper Dress

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You can go for a classic sequined dress that will be all sparkly and attract attention. If you have a Halloween party around the corner, shop for this costume, and you can’t be wrong. You might even encounter a sale or free shipping offer. And the best part is that sizes go from XS to 3XL, so you won’t have problems finding a suitable one.

For all women who want to take elegance to the next level, they should consider a long vintage dress today.

1920s Sequins Flapper Style Long Dress

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The idea lies in choosing a classic flapper dress, but one that is extended all the way to the floor. It will still fit the 1920s theme, especially if you grab a headband and matching gloves in the shop. Oh, and we should mention this might be more suitable for taller women with longer legs.

Do you love taking to the dance floor, but you still want to be comfortable while moving? Your goal is to find a product that will combine black with other colors.

Glitter Fringe 1920s Flapper Dress

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It was all about the glitters in the roaring 20s, so why wouldn’t you adopt the famous recipe? The spaghetti straps on a fringe dress will ensure that your flapper costume looks phenomenal, whether you are standing in the corner or dancing in the middle of the podium.

1920s Silver Sequins Dress

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Forget the Elegance and Turn Up the Heat!

Beautiful women always look elegant, which is why you want to get a sexy combination for your upcoming 1920s party. You know that black is a timeless color for both classy and provocative looks, so why don’t you use that to your advantage.Women's Flapper Costume

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Adding just a touch of gold to your black combination is the perfect way to look swanky. You may consider adding golden gloves and shoes or even wearing a blond wig.
Women's Black Beaded Fringe Flapper Dress Costume

Get the Outfit! 

Once you dress up like this, everyone at that Halloween party will sign up to dance with you!

If you want to maximize the sexiness and take that provocativeness to the next level, how about showing those legs to the world?

Dreamgirl Women's Flapper Costume, Black, Small

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We are not talking about wearing a dress, but rather a true costume. It would be a black sequin romper with fringe trim and a cheeky cut in the back. You shouldn’t forget about the devil lies in the details, so add a feather boa and headband. That will ensure you provide men at the party a perfect view of your clothing!

Dreamgirl Women's All Dolled Up, Black, Medium

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If you don’t want to go all-in, but you still appreciate sexy vintage costume ideas, look for clothing products that will literally turn you into a doll.

Women love a charming embroidered sequin dress, and you will look great with a skirt that hugs your curves. Oh, and just to round up your combination, you should look for a clothing set that includes a feather headband.

Final Thoughts

That rounds up our selection, and the only thing left is for you to see which dress you will wear at the upcoming 1920s style party. The important thing to note is that you can’t go wrong with black. Another critical direction is to ensure you feel comfortable and beautiful in the dresses you wear. As long as you do that, you can join the fun and enjoy the party, and that’s the whole point of a costume event!

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