1920s Wedding Dress Styles

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1920s Style Wedding Dresses – Advice for Choosing the Best Dress

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There is something fantastic about 1920s wedding dresses and the entire era. Many women dream about marrying in a wedding dress that complements that style or even making an entire wedding inspired by the roaring 20s.

Mermaid V Neck Wedding Dress with Lace

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If that’s what you decided to do, you will want the perfect 1920s wedding dress. That is where our guide comes into play since it will help you to sort the choices and find the best outfit in the world!

Why Formal and Elegant Style Ensures You Hit the Jackpot?

Are you wondering which style would be ideal for your wedding day? If you are looking at the brides from the 1920s, you want a fantastic vintage dress inspired by that time. Now, a beautiful classic dress made of chiffon fabric will highlight your grace and elegance.White A-line Formal Prom Dress With Lace

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You can’t escape lace details, and there is no reason why you would because they only add to classiness. The color is up to you, and you don’t have to go with an all-white dress. Instead, how about trying a champagne dress today?

Champagne Long Lace Dress

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Once again, you will love the lace details and the long length that emphasizes your every step. And what if you are getting married while pregnant? There is no reason why that should be a problem, but you will need a suitable dress. For example, a ruffled lace wedding dress with a low back can still look elegant and dazzling.

Abaowedding Women's Wedding Dress Lace Double V-Neck Sleeveless Evening Dress Ivory US 6 Fulfilled by Amazon 

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The idea is that the vintage wedding dress you choose goes in line with your body shape. Thanks to the ruffled lace, you will honor the Gatsby era fashion on your special day.

Are You in the Mood for a Maxi Wedding Dress?

It doesn’t matter if it is satin, silk, or another material. You like maxi styles and believe those vintage dresses are the right gowns for you. That is perfectly fine since the market offers plenty of tempting long outfits for you want to try. For example, you will feel proud while going down the aisle in a beaded dress with a beautiful geometric texture.

Camilla 1920s vintage wedding dresses

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Look for products that follow your silhouette and hug every curve of your body. If you don’t want a pure white dress, or you are a bridesmaid, you can consider going for a cream maxi 1920s dresses.

20s style wedding dress in Cream

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You can also consider a vintage-inspired maxi dress that will give you more room to move on the dance floor. After all, the odds are you will be doing a lot of dancing on the wedding day.

1920s inspired wedding dress in Blush

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What is your preference – art deco or art nouveau? Both can look amazing, and if the latter is your choice, white 1920s wedding dresses can have that modern touch plus they look absolutely stunning as well!

flapper style wedding dress

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If you are going modern, you want to find comfortable shoes. Now, high heels might be imperative, but ivory color with the leather sole will ensure the required comfort. 

It’s your one and only special day, so why wouldn’t you treat yourself to some beautiful matching 1920s wedding shoes as well?

1920s Style Wedding Shoes

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What to Wear to a 1920s Wedding If You Are Not a Bride?

You might be going to a themed party, but you don’t need 1920s wedding dresses. Instead, you are a bridesmaid, or you want to be in line with the theme. 20s inspired wedding dresses in White Silver

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We know that the flapper style was the inspiration of all women in the roaring 20s, so how about a flapper peacock dress?

gatsby style wedding dress in Cream

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You don’t have to be burdened by color, but a cream-style will ensure your dress looks vintage.

If it’s summer, it is important that you can breathe in the clothing item you picked. That is why you should aim for a combination made for summertime, which can be available at an affordable price.

The dress will look and act perfectly, whether you are in a romantic dance or showing your dancing skills to a fast song.

If you want to look simple but elegant, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the chiffon fabric.

conail Coco Women's Elegant Royal Formal Dresses Wear Long Wedding Party Gowns (Large, 22White)

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It will look every bit as good as lace because of the beading and the sequins embellishing. On top of that, go with a style that looks like something that a flapper would wear in the 1920s.

Customize Your 1920s Wedding Dress

For most women, it’s not about the price, but looking perfect on their wedding day. Many know exactly what they imagined, but they can’t shop for that exact dress in the store. That is why you can benefit from customizing a wedding dress.

For example, how about a mermaid dress with a low back and long sleeves?

Mermaid with Boatneck Gatsby inspired wedding dresses

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If that is not your cup of tea, but you prefer a low back and plunging neck, that is also doable!

1920s vintage style wedding dresses with Plunging Neck and Low back

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It is all about finding a designer ready to adjust their collection to your needs. You will love the entire process and appreciate that they turned your dreams about a vintage wedding dress into a reality.

The only thing missing will be the shoes. If you want to be in line with the 1920s era, make sure to choose ones inspired by the Great Gatsby movie.

vintage 20s wedding dress and Bridal Shoes in White

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Did Brides Wear in the 1920s?

A: May Doherty, Minnie Heuschele, and other stars of the Great Gatsby era picked elegant and dazzling bridal gowns. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful tea-length satin dress with a bias cut. Another vital detail is a lowing embroidered veil that rounded up the entire combination.

Q: Where Can I Find Vintage Wedding Dresses?

A: The best place to purchase vintage wedding dresses is online. You can find various designs and materials from satin to silk. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a guest, you will want to find the perfect 1920s dress, and the internet is the right place to do that.

Q: How Long Before My Wedding Should I Get a Dress?

A: If it is your wedding, we strongly suggest getting the dress as soon as possible! The ideal time is at least a couple of months before the wedding. That way, you can have peace of mind ahead of the ceremony and enough time to make minor corrections if necessary.

Stunning 1920s Wedding Dress Styles
Stunning 1920s Wedding Dress Styles
Do you want a wedding dress inspired by the 1920s, or you received an invitation to a roaring 20s-themed wedding? Check out these dress suggestions to fit that style!
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