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Last Updated: April 11th, 2024 by Kerry Wisby (Teacher-BA English Literature, 1920s & Great Gatsby Expert)

How to Pick Plus Size Flapper Costumes

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I was extremely excited about my first themed party. Although I couldn’t wait for the day to come, I went through a lot of trouble to find the right costume.

BABEYOND Women's Plus Size Flapper Dresses 1920s V Neck Beaded Fringed Great Gatsby Dress

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Once I started scanning through the choices, I realized there are numerous plus size clothing items available. That is why you shouldn’t worry because I am confident you will find the perfect costume easily. Check out some of the suggestions I loved below!

Women's Plus Size Flapper Dress

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Go with a Classic Roaring 20s Look

If you have never been to themed parties, you probably don’t want to experiment too much. That is why your best choice is a classic plus size flapper dress. They won’t reveal much, but they will guarantee free movement and comfort. That is important if you plan to spend hours in your dress.

Deluxe Black Plus Size Flapper Costume

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A surefire bet is a black flapper costume that features black as the dominating color. The bottom hem and the fringe are matching, and the silver sequins will give that luxurious appearance you want.

Dreamgirl Dames Like Us, Black, Medium


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While it is up to you to choose the necklace (never go without one), I would suggest including a feather boa. It will spice up the entire combination, and it is perfectly in line with the event’s theme.Black 80 Gram Feather Boa for Women

Don’t forget the Feathered Boas!

Pursue Elegance

If the previous suggestion seems too classic, how about going up with a flapper dress for plus size that emphasizes elegance? It will ensure you are the classiest person out there.

Toe Tappin' Flapper Plus Size Women's Costume

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A lace shirt will add to the overall appearance, and you should never forget a belt and a hat. Not only hats were fashionable in the roaring 20s, but they are an excellent way to take graciousness to the next level.

Anyone Up for Charleston?

Charleston was among the most popular dresses in the 1920s. Everyone loved dancing, and women who weren’t afraid to show their moves on the dance floor were particularly attractive. That is why you can never go wrong with a costume inspired by Charleston dancers of the time.
Plus Size Charleston Flapper Costume

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It is crucial to note that you need a dress that allows free movement so that you don’t feel restrained if you plan to dance. You can always benefit from finding a plus size flapper costume that will include fingerless gloves and a headband.

Fingerless gloves are an excellent choice for the summer because you won’t feel warm wearing them (but you will feel hot!). Dresses that featured a capelet also turned out to be a great hit at the events I visited, so don’t hesitate to try that.

Flapper Girl Cape Retro 1920s fashion Style Great Gatsby Sequin Shawl Halloween

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Fancy Vivid Colors? Here Is Why Purple Is a Great Choice!

It is time to move away from adding black to the mix and stick to vivid colors! If you like to dazzle people, you want the best costumes flapper would wear for a party. How about a purple one that will make sure you stand out and get noticed?

Plus Size Women's Amethyst Purple Flapper Costume

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A beautiful and shiny amethyst flapper costume inspired by the roaring 20s is a great choice. Ensure that the materials are comfortable and you can move in them. A sleeveless dress is a nice touch, especially when combined with an elastic headband that includes a feather.

A matching purple boa is a must with a plus size flapper dress, and don’t forget a cigarette holder. Practice holding it the right way, and you will look dazzling!

Faux Cigar

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While we are talking about accessories, consider mixing satin gloves with purple plus size flapper dresses. If you ask me, purple is a color of elegance. A classy costume will ensure you look a tad provocative and demonstrate your free spirit. Liberation from classic strings was the point of the 1920s fashion, at least for the females, so you will be right on track.

Plus Size Purple Fringe Flapper Costume for Women

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Turn Yourself into a Doll

Who says that you can’t pick simplistic plus size flapper dresses and look gracious?

Plus Size Roaring Roxy Flapper Costume for Women

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A sleeveless dress is a perfect choice for hot days and a great fit if you a glove fan.

If your dress featured a subtle floral pattern and lush fabric, you could rest assured that everyone will comment on how you looked at the event. You can benefit from adjusting the length of spaghetti straps since you will ensure that they go in line with your figure.

Womens Plus Size Downtown Doll Costume

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A pair of new elbow-high gloves are an excellent accessory with a doll-like combination, and a headpiece will contribute to the overall roaring 20s look.

Womens Jeweled Black Flapper Headband

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The Beauty of Going Sleeveless

It is time to talk about something popular in every era – a sleeveless costume! First, if you want to keep things simple, don’t hesitate to go with a classic flapper dress plus size females would fit.

Plus Size Women's Dolled Up Flapper Costume

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Some women don’t like being too sparkly, but that was the characteristic of the 1920s. Fortunately, the way around it is to combine black and gold in your plus size flapper costume. The unavoidable sequins and spaghetti straps will ensure you fit the theme. You are welcome to choose the shoes, but flapper heels are always a smart pick.
Women's Lucille Flapper Costume Heels

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How does it sound to combine silver and black? A classic black dress with silver details (or in another color) around the sleeves and the V-neck can be a great combo. If you ask me, look for dresses with the zipper on the back so that you can remove them easily.
Plus Size Women's Onyx Flapper Costume

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If you want to take things up a notch, you will love a vintage dress that seems as if you are ready to perform your act in a show.
Roaring 20's Plus Size Flapper Costume for Women

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Here is how I see it – the 1920s were an era where flashiness is allowed. Themed parties are not that frequent, so why not use that opportunity to experiment with flashy plus size flapper dresses? You don’t even have to try about this combination – everyone will love a simple dress with carefully chosen headpiece and necklace!

1920s Flapper Accessories for Women

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Oh, and don’t forget black fishnets. I believe they are mandatory to add classiness to a flashy combination.

Black Plus Size Fishnet Stockings for Women

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Well, that’s it! I hope that you found my suggestions useful, and I firmly believe you will choose the right combination to rock at the upcoming 1920s event!

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