Awesome Kids Gangster Costumes: The Cutest 1920s Outfits

Last Updated: March 28th, 2024 by Kerry Wisby (Teacher-BA English Literature, 1920s & Great Gatsby Expert)

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I just love Halloween! Any excuse to get dressed up and party sounds like a good idea to me!

1920s Gangster Costumes for Toddlers

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If you’re shopping for Halloween child gangster costumes for your little one, I know you have two things in mind: price and durability. No parent wants to pay an arm and a leg for a Halloween outfit that is completely trashed by the end of the night.

While your little ones will grow, most Halloween costumes can be reused for at least two or three years before kids outgrow them.

boys and girls in 1920s gangster outfits for Kids

The hottest Halloween costumes for toddlers and little ones this year has to be the gangster or mini-Al Capone look. Is there anything cuter than a 1920s gangster costume? Are there girls gangster costumes as well?

I’ve done the research for you! Check out my list of the cutest and best gangster costumes for children!

How Do You Dress Like a Gangster for Halloween?1920s Gangster Costume Accessories Set Kids Halloween Cosplay Vest Suspender Bow Tie Hat Beard Pocket Watch for Boys (3-4T)

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Gangster costumes from the Roaring 20s are easily recognizable and fairly easy to put together.

Start with a classic suit. Most gangsters wore a three-piece suit with suspenders, but if that seems like too much clothing, you can remove the jacket or remove the vest.

If this all sounds too complicated, you can go with one of these accessory kits that make it easy to pull together the perfect gangster costume for kids.

a gangster kids costume accessories set consisting of a black fedora hat, adjustable suspenders, and bow tie

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Or check out this set.a complete set 1920s Gangster Costume Accessories for boys consisting of a vest, suspender, bow tie, fedora hat, beard, pocket watch, arm bands, and a neck tie

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A hat is a must! You can pick from a variety of hats that were popular at the time, including:

1. The classic Panama hat

Classic Black Men's Wool Felt Godfather Gangster Mobster Gentleman Fedora Hat (XL= 61cm (7 5/8))

Get the Mobster Hat for Kids!

2. The pinstripe Fedora

Loftus International Loftus 1920S Gangster Mob Boss Costume Pinstripe Fedora, Black White, One Size Novelty Item

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3. The Newsboy hat, sometimes called the Peaky Blinders hat

Men’s Vintage Newsboy Gatsby Hat Blend Wool Flat Ivy Cabbie Autumn Winter Cap Boyfriend Gift (M) Black

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4. The Homburg. This hat was favored by very wealthy gangsters, such as Al Capone.MNBY Felt Fedora Hat Classic Wool Felt Homburg Godfather Fedora Bowler Hat for Men Women (Color : Black, Size : 7 1/8-7 3/8)

Get the Homburg Hat!

5. The Boater hat. You rarely saw a gangster using a straw hat, but a wool boater was common.BABEYOND Wide Brim Fedora Flat Top Hat Wool Felt Boater Pork Pie Hat for Men Women (Black)

Get the Boater Hat!

6. The Derby. While these are technically from the 1900-1920 era, these hats are so recognizable that no one will question the time frame.Funny Party Hats Bowler Hat - Derby Hat - Bombin Hat - Unisex Adult Top Hat - Bowler Hat Costume - Dress Up Hat

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A pocket watch is a good touch and shoes can simply be black tennis shoes or black dress shoes with spats.Skeleteen Costume White Gangster Spats - Roaring 20s Steampunk Dress Up Faux Leather Costume Shoe Cover White Spats with Silver Studs for Adults

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A kid’s gangster outfit is a great choice for a Halloween costume, a school play, or any other event where your child wants to dress up in a stylish and unique way.

Cutest Gangster Halloween Costumes for Little Boys

The gangster costume is a classic outfit since at least the 1940s, and it is a Halloween costume that everyone will recognize.

Depending on the age of your boy, chances are that they know what a gangster is from their Saturday morning cartoons and will relish the chance to be a “bad guy”.

a young boy wearing a 1920s gangster costume and holding a toy gun

Get the Gangster Outfit for Boys!

I know that some parents don’t like the idea of their toddler carrying even a fake gun, and if that’s true for you, take heart- they can still wear the traditional gangster suit, but have them carry money bags instead of a gun!

a canvass drawstring bag with a dollar sign printed on it

Get the Money Props!

I would stuff some fake bills in their pockets as well.

I’ve seen plenty of kids in gangster costumes that didn’t use a gun or money- the clothing alone told you who they were!

a boy wearing a 1920s Gangster Kid's Costume - pinstripe double-breasted vest and pleated pinstripe pants and spats

Get the Mob Kid’s Costume!

If your baby boy is still an infant, don’t worry, there are infant gangster costumes too!
Infant pinstripe Gangster Costume

Get the Infant Mobster Costume!

This is absolutely adorable, don’t you think?

Slightly older boys can go for the Clyde Barrow look. This would work really well if you have a girl who wants to play the part of Bonnie.

a boy wearing a Kid's Clyde Costume of brown pinstripe pants, white shirt, suspenders, and brown fedora, while holding a toy gun and money bag for props

Get the Kid’s Clyde Outfit!

I’ll post the link to Bonnie’s outfit in the girl’s gangster costumes section.

If a gangster isn’t your style, you could try this outfit
a young boy wearing a light Blue Toddler 3-piece suit and matching fedora hat

Get the Toddler 1920s Tuxedo!

and put a name tag that says “Jay Gatsby”.

Any Peaky Blinders fans out there? Check out this adorable Thomas Shelby gangster suit.

a young boy wearing a gangster suit like Peaky Blinders, consisting of a 3-piece suit and a matching peaky or newsboy hat

Get the Kid’s Gangster Suit!

If your boy is more teenager than a little one, I found this gangster costume that looks very authentic.

a Teen wearing a 1920s Gangster Costume of pinstripe pants and jacket, white tie, a fedora hat, and wingtips, with a red rose on his lapel, while holding a fake gun as props

Get the Mob Outfit for Teens!

Should I mention that this would be the perfect time for a history lesson about gangsters like Al Capone, Clyde Barrow, or Pretty Boy Floyd?

If you think little boys are the only ones who can pull off the gangster look from the 1920s and 1930s, think again!

Cutest Gangster Halloween Costumes for Little Girls

There are so many adorable gangster or Moll outfits for little girls and young ladies. A Moll is what they called the girlfriend or wife of a gangster, but sometimes women acted alone.

Young ladies may find that playing the part of a bad A$$ is more fun than the princess route in a fancy dress.

a girl wearing pinstripe pants and long sleeved shirt, black fedora hat, and white shoes, while holding a pistol and money bag as props

Get the Gangster Outift for Girls!

I find that many young girls today want to try on different characters than the traditional princess, Snow White, or other helpless female type.

a girl dressed as a gangster in a black pinstripe suit with a red rose on the lapel, a black fedora, and black shoes, while holding a fake gun

Get the Girl’s Mob Outfit!

Young teens or siblings might enjoy going as Bonnie and Clyde.
a girl in a Bonnie Parker costume with a black tam on her head

Get the Bonnie Outfit for Kids!

You don’t need to include any guns, carrying bags of fake cash will get the idea across.
a golden color drawstring money bag with dollar sign

Get the Money Bag!

This is a great costume for young ladies who want to be bad girls.

a long-haired girl wearing a striped double-breasted suit and a black fedora

Get the 1920’s Suit For Girls!

Add a fake gun
Inflatable Toy Gun

Get the Toy Gun!

or bags of cash
Bank Money Bag Prop

Get the Money Bag Props!

and your sugar-and-spice girl can become a 1920s Moll doll!

Other Roaring 20s Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you like the idea of the 1920s or Great Gatsby costume but don’t want to go the route of gangster or moll, there are plenty of other ideas for your little one.

  • The Strongman or Weightlifter – These were common during the 1920s in circuses or in places like Venice Beach in California.

a boy dressed in Vintage red-striped Strongman Toddler Costume

Get the Vintage Strongman Toddler Costume!

  • The Paperboy – How adorable is this?

a kid dressed as a newsboy - with a plaid newsboy cap and matching pants, suspenders, checkered shirt, and a white canvas bag

Get the Paperboy Outfit for Kids!

  • The Pro Baseball Player – For your little sports fan!

a boy wearing a Vintage Baseball Costume

Get the Kid Vintage Baseball Costume!

  • The Flapper – This is a classic costume that is so much fun!

a girl dressed in a Gold and Black Fringe Flapper dress, feather headband, and a black faux feather boa

Get the Flapper Outfit for Kids!

  • The Chimney Sweep –  Get your Mary Poppins on!

a boy dressed as a chimney sweeper and holding a broom as props

Get the Kid’s Chimney Sweep Outfit!

  • The Suffragette – Your daughter may not know about this costume. What a wonderful teaching opportunity this can be!

a girl dressed as an American suffragette consisting of a white long sleeved blouse, long purple skirt with a green waistband, a white wide-brimmed hat, a sash and placard advocating women's right to vote

Get the Suffragette for Girls!

  • The Pro Golfer

a kid dressed as an old man in golfer's suit

Get the Vintage Golfer Costume For Kids!

  • For the girl who dares to be different- Amelia Earhart!  – The pants have an elastic waistband to make sure that it will be a nice fit for your darling aviator.

Toddler Deluxe Amelia Earhart Girl's Costume

Get the Toddler Aviator Costume!

If I had little ones, I would be so hard-pressed to pick just one outfit!

Toddlers and Infants Roaring 20s Outfits

Is there anything more adorable than an infant or toddler dressed up as something from the 1920s?

Look at all the great outfits I discovered:

  • A toddler’s flapper outfit – This is beyond adorable!

a toddler in a flapper costume with black layered skirt, with matching headband and shawl

Get the Toddler Flapper Outfit!

  • A toddler gangster costume – This comes with everything but the gun.

a toddler in a striped vest and pants gangster costume with matching black fedora

Get the Gangster Costume for Toddlers!

You can order the gun separately

Toy Uzi 9mm Machine Gun

Get the Toy Gun!

or go with the money bag option

Bank Money Bag Prop

Get the Money Bag Props!

Speaking of money, you could dress your little one as Cash to go along with a gangster outfit

Baby in a Money Bag costume with fake bills as props

Get the Money Bag Costume for Babies!

  • An infant Tuxedo – Tuxedos are always good, but you could add a small hat or pin some cash to the shirt or even add a name tag like Jay Gatsby or Tom Buchanan.

a baby wearing a black onesie with tuxedo design printed on it

Get the Infant Tuxedo Costume!

  • How about a policeman? Someone’s got to go after those gangsters, right?

a baby dressed as a cop in blue uniform

Get the Cop Outfit for Kids!

I would change the hat to this.

a boy wearing a police uniform including a dark blue and gold hat

Get the Police Hat for Kids!

Dressing up as a gangster, Amelia Earhart, or other characters can be a great way to teach your child about history. You can talk to them about the Roaring Twenties, the Prohibition Era, and the rise of organized crime. It’s a great way to spark their interest in history and learn about a fascinating period of time.

Of course, toddlers and infants won’t care about history, but they might ask questions later on about the photos you take this year!

Final Thoughts

Here are some additional tips for choosing a 1920s gangster costume for your little one:

  • Consider your child’s size and age. Make sure to choose a costume that is the right size for your child. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. If you have to choose, I would go with slightly big rather than too small.
  • Think about your child’s personality. Some kids might prefer a more traditional gangster costume, while others might like something more unique. Consider your child’s interests and personality when making your decision.
  • Don’t forget the accessories. A 1920s gangster costume is not complete without the right accessories. You can find a variety of hats, guns, and other accessories to complete your child’s look.

With a little planning, you can find the perfect 1920s gangster costume for your child. They are sure to have a fun time dressing up and pretending to be a tough guy or Moll Doll from the Roaring Twenties.

Awesome Kids Gangster Costumes: The Cutest 1920s Outfits
Awesome Kids Gangster Costumes: The Cutest 1920s Outfits
Finding well-made but reasonably priced child gangster costumes can be quite a task. We have the cutest outfits that aren’t overpriced and will last for several seasons.
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