Funny Great Gatsby Memes and Jokes

Last Updated: October 23rd, 2023 by Kerry Wisby (Teacher-BA English Literature, 1920s & Great Gatsby Expert)

Someone once asked me if there was anything so serious that it couldn’t be laughed at.

With that in mind, why don’t we Charleston our way into the extravagant world of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece with a twist of humor!

Memes and Jokes of The Great Gatsby Novel

My short collection of Great Gatsby memes and jokes will take you on an amusing journey through the opulent parties, mysterious characters, and dazzling excesses of the Roaring Twenties.

From witty one-liners to clever visual gags in the form of memes, I hope to capture the essence of the era with a bit of humor.

Get ready to chuckle! Because let’s face it, even in the glitz and glamour that is Gatsby, a good joke never goes out of style!

The Top 5 Great Gatsby Memes

Who doesn’t love a great meme, right? The 2013 Great Gatsby film starring Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio have left us with plenty of images to create some snappy one-liners that will make you giggle.

Here are my favorite top 5 memes:

1.Throws extravagant parties every weekend. Doesn’t even taste the snacks. 

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby raising a glass

2. Thinks he’s king of the world. Can’t even hold on to his wife.

Great Gatsby - He thinks he's king of the world meme

3. Stays in the background and watches. Somehow he still ends up in everyone’s drama. 

Nick Carraway Meme - He stays in the background and watches

4. Easily cries over shirts but can’t cry over her lover’s death 

Daisy Crying over shirts - Great Gatsby Memes

5. When you suddenly realize that Gatsby’s elaborate parties were nothing more than a place to create new TikTok dance challenges. 

Nick Carraway Tiktok Gatsby Memes

OK, maybe #4 is a bit harsh, but at least its 100 percent accurate!

Five More Great Gatsby Memes Just Because

I find that humor can fix just about anything or at least make it more bearable. A hearty belly laugh is exactly what this world needs more of, so here are five more memes and gifs just to make you laugh.

1. Gatsby at his parties, and Gatsby when he sees the green light.

Jay Gatsby green light Memes

2. What if Gatsby made a deodorant called Old Sport but it only came in one scent – Daisy? 

Jay Gatsby Old Sport Deodorant Gatsby Memes

3. Nick saying “I tend to reserve all judgment” vs Nick being judgmental

Nick vs Nick judgmental Gatsby Memes

4. Gatsby feeling anxious and/or panicky over his first date with Daisy after so many years.

Jay Gatsby panic attack Gatsby memes

5. Gatsby: The risk I took was calculated.

Nick: Yeah, but dude, you are SO bad at math! 

Jay Gatsby risk memes

Did you like these? I hope so, they make me smile every time I see them.

My Personal Top 5 Great Gatsby Jokes

Daisy alcohol Gatsby Memes

If you haven’t read the book, you may not get some of these, but for fans of this fantastic novel, you’ll love these.

1. Why did Jay Gatsby want to be on a rowing crew? He heard it was the best Old Sport around.

2. Why did Daisy bring a ladder to Gatsby’s party? She heard the drinks were top shelf!

3. What do you get when you mix alcohol and drama? F. Scotch Fitzgerald.

4. Daisy was overheard talking to Tom: I spent my whole life trying to make people like me. I’ve gone to parties I didn’t like, talked to people I didn’t like, and married a man that I despise, and no one notices. But hit one woman with your car…!

5. F Scott Fitzgerald and, by the way, F Daisy too!

I know, naughty me, but I bet you LOL, didn’t you?! You can even pick a few to bring with you to your next little party and bring the house down!

5 More Great Gatsby Jokes

Myrtle Great Gatsby Memes

Because, you know, five jokes is simply not enough!

1. What did Myrtle say when she was hit by the car? Opsie Daisy!

2. A Great Gatsby party isn’t about tons of people dancing the Charleston, but rather it’s just you, drinking champagne, looking out a window, and staring at a stupid green light.

3. Nick: Why do you keep calling me “old sport”? Do you not know my name or something?

Gatsby: …

Nick: You don’t know my name, do you?

Gatsby: Don’t be ridiculous, of course I know your name… old sport.

4. Anxiety is when you and your crush are on Facebook at the same time, but you don’t dare talkyou just stare at their little green dot.

5. Every one knows someone at work who is like:

Gatsby: No one can figure out how they afford their extravagant lifestyle

Daisy: Beautiful but can’t drive for sh*t

Tom: The CEO that no one likes 

Jordan Baker: Really into sports and is arrogant about it

Myrtle: Tries to hide that she’s sleeping with the boss, but everyone knows because of her expensive clothes

Nick: The awkward nerd everyone likes because he doesn’t judge

Every one knows someone at work who is like Great Gatsby memes

I bet you DO know people at work who are like Gatsby characters! I know, I do!

Great Gatsby Puns

What would humor be without a few puns?

1. What is Gatsby’s favorite superhero? The Green Lantern.

Gatsby's Favorite Superhero Memes

2. What is Gatsby’s least favorite superhero? Deadpool

Jay Gatsby Superhero Puns

3. How did George’s murder of Gatsby go? Swimmingly, old sport!

Jay Gatsby Murder Puns

4. What do they call it when Gatsby crosses the street? Jay walking.

Jay Walking Gatsby Puns

5. You’ve never heard of Fitzgerald? You’ve GATSBY kidding me!

Gatsby Kidding me puns

These are more like DAD jokes (or MOM jokes if you knew my mom!), but they are still funny.

One Last Thing

Gatsby may be nearly 100 years old, but we can still find amusing things to laugh about.

As I bid adieu to the whimsical world of Great Gatsby memes, I am reminded that laughter truly is timeless.

These humorous glimpses into Fitzgerald’s masterpiece remind us that even amidst the opulence and drama, a hearty chuckle can bridge the gap between eras.

Great Gatsby Memes and Jokes
Great Gatsby Memes and Jokes
Charleston your way into the Roaring 20s hilarity! Explore a collection of Great Gatsby-themed jokes and memes that'll make you laugh like it's the Jazz Age again.
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