1920s Feather Flapper Dresses

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Have you ever watched a movie inspired by the 1920s era? If you’ve seen a flapper girl in one of those, you probably noticed a specific detail – feather. That was an accessory that women loved to wear at the time. If you are getting ready for a roaring 20s party, how about finding a flapper dress with feathers?
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The great thing about these is that they fall into multiple categories. They can be suitable for formal events, but also campus parties and other adult gatherings. Here is our selection of the top flapper dresses with feather details!

Long and Elegant Feather Flapper Costumes

We’ll start with the outfits whose length goes all the way to the floor. The 1920s era was about the clothing items as much as the accessories. So, how about shopping for an item that includes an accessory set?

Women's Roaring 20s V-Neck Gatsby Flapper Dresses with Accessories Set (Large, Black2)

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The set includes a feather boa and a headpiece, and you’ll also get earrings, a necklace, and other extras. The spaghetti straps extend the unit, and the pattern ensures you fit the 1920s style.

Are you attending a formal event? If you want to look elegant but still looking for some provocativeness, a silver outfit with more cleavage is the right way to go.

Dapper Flapper Costume for Women

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The combination is daring and sleeveless, which means it’s not the most fitting option for the dance floor. However, if you plan on spending more time chatting and drinking your champagne, you’ll impress all guests with your choice.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Classics

Whether you watched The Great Gatsby or a TV show with a 1920s theme, you were inspired by flappers. That’s why you are looking for classic 1920s clothing items. The good news is you can pick from a wide range of colors.

If you aim for an inviting look, how about picking a white option?
Women's White Fringe Flapper Costume

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It’s an excellent option for bridesmaids, especially if the event features a vintage theme. You shouldn’t hesitate to go with white feathers, and the shoes should be of the same color, too.

Women who want to appear like they plan to perform on a stage can consider a more daring costume, such as the one in the silver shade.Women's Dazzling Silver Flapper Costume

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You can shorten the outfit’s length, but make sure to keep the feather boa. The spaghetti straps will contribute to the overall appearance, and don’t forget the accessories. You can pick anything from a wig to a cigarette holder.

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Those women who appreciate more sparkle in their clothing combinations should consider a gold outfit.

Dazzling Women's Gold Flapper Costume

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Many combinations include a headband with a feather, but you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in a feather boa, too. Since you are going with a more revealing combination, it’s great to add to the overall style and elegance.

It’s Showtime – Would You like to Be a Showgirl?

Flappers were showgirls, and that’s an undeniable fact. So, how about entering the showgirl costume for the upcoming party?

 Feathered Showgirl Costume for Women

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Many women find this costume perfect, especially since it comes in black color, which is fashionable in every era. If you love to dance more than anything, this costume will encourage moves on the dance floor.

You can also have fun wearing an outfit with a more noticeable color dominating it. If you want to wear what flappers did, you can’t hesitate to go with purple dresses.
Amethyst Purple Flapper Women's Costume

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The sequins all over the item contribute to the overall appearance. You can go with classic black shoes and don’t forget a matching feather boa.
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Some women dream about being a Gatsby gal and going to these parties with their partners.

Dreamgirl Women's 1920's Ruby Red Beaded Velvet Flapper Costume Dress, X-Large

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You can go with a unique outfit that looks luxurious and elegant. The mixture of the red color with dark feather accessories will guarantee a dazzling appearance. Even if you don’t take any men at the party, the odds are this costume will attract their attention at the event.

Pick Your Favorite Vintage Pattern

If you don’t want to look like a classic flapper, you can go with an outfit featuring a vintage pattern. For example, you could get a peacock sequined outfit at an affordable price.

BABEYOND 1920s Vintage Peacock Sequined Dress Gatsby Fringed Flapper Dress Roaring 20s Party Dress (Black with Green Fringe, X-Large)

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Those that don’t like that pattern type can consider an alternative that combines dark and light shades.


Flapper Dress 1920s Fashion Vintage Style Costume Black Great Gatsby Women's Sequined Zigzag Cut Short Dress 20S Party outfits Carnival

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You’ll notice the zigzag cut on each leg that makes your combination unique. If you want to stand out from other women at the party, that design will ensure your costume looks different.

Are You Ready for Adult Party Costumes?

Our next section focuses on sexy and provocative costumes that are shorter and more revealing. If you belong to women ready to wear these combinations, you can try a simple black flapper costume.
Black Sequin & Fringe Plus Size Flapper Costume for Women

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We know that black guarantees elegance in every era, and feather boas and headpieces contribute to that appearance. Make sure to read the product information to learn more about the extras that come with a particular product.

A swanky black costume with printed gold glitters will ensure you fit the timeline while adding the desired layer of provocativeness.
Women's Swanky Flapper Costume

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These outfits are elegant, which is why matching purses contribute to the overall appearance. And did you know what’s the most passionate shade out there?

If you are planning on shopping for foxy costumes, you can’t go wrong with red.

California Costumes Women's Fashion Flapper Costume, Red, X-Large

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These combinations are elegant and simple, but adding some beads and a feather headpiece will improve the overall appearance.

Add Zest to the Party with Plus Size Flapper Costumes

Do you remember the swanky costume we discussed in the article? You’ll find it’s a similar variation in plus sizes.
Women's Plus Size Swanky Flapper Costume

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You can still expect the feather headband and don’t hesitate to add other feather extras, such as a matching boa.

Women who prefer a more classic combination can go with a simple black outfit. It has always been a sign of elegance, which means you can’t go wrong with it.
Women's Black Plus Size Flapper Costume

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Those outfits are great if you don’t mind that your clothing reminds you more of a skirt and blouse combination. Alternatively, a jazzy fringed unit will get you ready for the dance floor.

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The only remaining thing is to pick suitable shoes. While you are there, consider additional details like a beaded necklace or even a wig

As you can see, there are many outfit categories when it comes to feather outfits for flappers. Feel free to pick the option that suits you best, and don’t hesitate to experiment. Always remember that it’s a costume party, which means you can jump into the role of a 1920s girl for one night!

Looking for a special color?

Glamorous Gatsby Feather Flapper Dresses - 1920s Style
Glamorous Gatsby Feather Flapper Dresses - 1920s Style
Flappers didn't hesitate to add feathers to their clothing in the 1920s. If you're looking for a roaring 20s feather outfit, you will love are our top outfits!
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