Best Great Gatsby Movie Costumes for Adults: Flapper Dresses to Tuxedos and More!

Last Updated: December 16th, 2023 by Kerry Wisby (Teacher-BA English Literature, 1920s & Great Gatsby Expert)

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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched The Great Gatsby featuring the yummy Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don’t get me wrong, the 1967 version with Robert Redford isn’t bad, but the costumes from the 2013 version absolutely blew me away! Proof of that is the Academy Award for costume design that the latest movie interpretation won.

The Great Gatsby 2013 film poster
This is a poster for the 2013 film The Great Gatsby by Atlanta’s CW69

I think the first two times I watched the movie, I barely heard the dialogue. I sat there with my mouth hanging open and grabbing my friend’s arm saying, “Look at that!” or “OMG! Look at that dress/hat/jewelry!”

I’m betting my friends and family were really happy when I bought the movie from Amazon Prime. I have literally lost count of how many times I’ve seen it, and I’m still in awe of the costumes.

If you’re like me and you want to either recreate some of the Great Gatsby outfits (as closely as possible), or you simply like certain aspects of some costume design and looking for something to wear to a wedding, a party, a cosplay event, Great Gatsby party, or even just to wow your friends, this article is for you.

While some may tell you that the costume design from this movie isn’t historically accurate, remember that the idea was to keep the flavor of the 1920s but give it more of an updated look.

One look at these Great Gatsby costumes and you’ll instantly feel the glamor, decadence, and elegant femininity that the flapper look was all about.

More than anything else, flappers wanted to feel free from the restrictions that their mothers and grandmothers were saddled with. Imagine floor-length dresses with petticoats or corsets and pantalets! Ugh!!

Gone also was the waist-length or longer hair that probably weighed several pounds!

a woman showing her back, wearing in a glittery Great Gatsby dress and a fascinator on her head

Most flappers were employed, so they had their own cash to spend, and they were recently granted the right to vote. They didn’t want to be stuck at home, knitting blankets and booties. They wanted to be free, to dance, travel, and dress as they saw fit.

I believe that this movie conveys that feeling. While The Great Gatsby novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald may have been shocking at the time, I believe that women today take for granted the flappers who pioneered our right to dress as we please.

Let’s talk about the fabulous costume design from this movie version and how you can look just as drop-dead gorgeous as some of the stars in the Great Gatsby movie.

Great Gatsby Movie Costumes for Women

three women standing by a black car, wearing flapper dresses and accessories

Catherine Martin, who happens to be the wife of Baz Luhrmann, was in charge of the film’s wardrobe. If I ever meet her in person, I will gush about what a tremendous job she did.

Martin went for more than just nostalgia but sexy, glittery, and vibrantly realistic. One thing that I love about this film is that it feels so right.

You look at what the women are wearing, and you want to wear something similar! It’s iconic 1920s, but it doesn’t feel old-fashioned or out of date at all.

Keeping that in mind, I think any woman would agree that looking this sexy and still come across as a true flapper of the times, you need to start with the perfect dress.

The perfect dress will depend on which character you have in mind. Is it the rich-and-proper Daisy Buchanan, the daring Myrtle Wilson, or the ultra-chic single girl Jordan Baker?

Go Classy Dressing Up Like Daisy Buchanan

Daisy was a stylish flapper, but being a wealthy, married woman, she had a bit more of a conservative look to her. Not dowdy by any means, but classy.

Note that Daisy is ladylike and would never show her knees. That would make dresses like this one

a blonde wearing a fringed mini dress with one-shoulder strap and an asymmetrical fringed hemline

Get the Gatsby Dress!

or this one a perfect choice as the base of your outfit.

a woman wearing a fully embellished sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail Party Dress with beads and tassels

Get the Flapper Dress!

Now that we have the dress, we can start adding the right accessories. Let’s start from the top down!

For the first dress, it would depend on whether you are going with the rose pink or the navy blue. For rose gold, a pink feathered headband, such as this one below would be perfection.

a fluffy white headband adorned with beads and feathers

Get the Feather Headband!

If you went with navy blue, a natural peacock feathered headband would work well (see our Peacock Feather Fans ).

Bead-studded blue-green tinted peacock feather Headband

Get the Gatsby Hairband!

Peacock feathers were the height of fashion during the Roaring 20s, so you’ll look 100 percent genuine.

For the second dress, I love this headband.

Embroidered Crystal Leaf Headband

Get the Roaring 20’s Headband!

Not only does it match the dress, but its simplicity screams elegance.

Earrings should be long and dangly as that was the style.

For the rose gold dress, I love this pair of earrings.a stunning pair of Vintage Crystal-studded Earrings

Get the Vintage Earrings!

These earrings are so beautiful, I would wear them anywhere, but paired with this dress, they would be a knockout.

If you went the way of the navy blue dress, go with something that will stand out, such as these earrings.

a pair of sparkly 1920s Jewelry geometric chandelier-style earrings

Get the 1920s Earrings!

Remember that no one expected real diamonds even from wealthy girls like Daisy, which makes sense especially if you’re going to such outrageous parties.

For the black and gold dress, I think that something with a bit of gold in it would be the perfect match.

a pair of elegant gold drop earrings in geometric shape

Get the Gorgeous Earrings!

These earrings have enough sparkle to make them stand out, but the gold will catch everyone’s eye.

Don’t forget the necklace! No flapper would be well dressed without a lengthy necklace or two or three!

For the rose-gold dress, a pearl choker and necklace set would be a great choice. The pink in the choker is just enough to match the dress, but the pearls are what really shows off the neckline.

a three-strand pearl necklace set with a choker and pink accents

Get the Pearl Necklace!

If you opted for the navy blue version, you can go with the classic double strand of pearls.

a woman in flapper dress holding a wine glass and wearing a double-strand pearl necklace and feather fascinator Get the Gatsby Necklace!

The black-and-gold dress should go with an extra set of pearls. I love this 5-strand necklace set that will shine against the black so beautifully.


Get the Roaring 20’s Necklace!

Shoes are where most women trip up when dressing like a flapper. Most women did not have the luxury that we have now of owning several styles of shoes.

In the Jazz Age, women pretty much wore the same Mary Jane’s that they wore to the grocery stores. They might have a new set for dancing and an older pair for house work, but there weren’t a lot of options.

However, I did find some Mary Janes that have stayed true to the 1920s-inspired style but are a tiny bit updated.

With that rose-gold dress, check out this gorgeous pair of shoes.

a pair of Closed Toe T-Strap Two Tone Pumps

Get the Gatsby Shoes!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! This pair still looks like Mary Jane’s, and the two-toned color is perfect for the Jazz Age! Don’t be afraid to show off your own version of the 1920s era fashion.

If you opted for the navy-blue dress, I think these would be the perfect choice.

a pair of black closed-toe Cut-Out Ankle Strap Shoes

Get the 20s Shoes!

The cutouts are super cute, and the styling is 100-percent Great Gatsby era.

The black-and-gold dress would do well with some black Mary Janes to make it look authentic. I think this pair would work perfectly for the vintage look you’re trying to achieve.

a pair of black classic Closed Toe Ankle Strap Shoes

Get the Classic Shoes!

You can choose a handbag, but to be honest, most women didn’t really carry them just yet. Check out Carey Mulligan in all the photo shoots. You never see her with a handbag except in the very final scene where she and Tom are leaving town.

This bag is very much like the one Daisy Buchanan is holding in the final scene of The Great Gatsby 2013 film.

a rhinestone-embellished cocktail Clutch Purse with a gold chain

Get the Flapper Handbag!

Oh yes, let’s not forget that Daisy seems to love fur shrugs.


Get the Fur Shrug!

This faux fur shrug or scarf would work perfectly with any Great Gatsby dress above, but if you would prefer a black one for the black-and-gold dress, this one is beautiful.


Get the Gatsby Scarf!

When trying to copy Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby movie version, think bling but think classy.

Have Fun Dressing Up Like Myrtle Wilson

The fun thing with Myrtle is that you can go a little bit more “out there” and get a little wild. In the 2013 movie, Isla Fisher brought to life Myrtle’s style – Catherine Martin made sure of that!

Myrtle would most likely have no problem wearing a dress above the knee, but she would still want some flash and sass, so make sure your shortlist of Great Gatsby costumes matches that!

I think this dress in red would be a good choice.

a woman wearing a beaded Sequin V-Neck Mini Slip Dress with a tasseled hem

Get the Flapper Dress!

Myrtle would definitely want to wear something with a little splash on her head, such as this peacock headband with rhinestones.

a 1920s Headband made of peacock feathers and accents

Get the 1920’s Headpiece!

or this one

Beaded Sequin Peacock Headdress

Get the Sequin Headpiece!

When it comes to earrings, nothing but the biggest drops would suit Myrtle. You could go with this set for the red dress

a pair of crystal-studded drop earrings in art deco style

Get the Studded Earrings!

or this set for the blue onea close up image of a woman wearing Classic Round Diamond Tassel Earrings

Get the Classic Earrings!

This layered, knotted set of pearls would be the perfect necklace for Myrtle, regardless of which dress you decided to wear.

Myrtle would wear some classic shoes from her time period, and this is a great example of what she would wear

a pair of black classic round-toe Mary Jane Shoes

Get the Mary Jane Shoes!

In her attempt to pass herself off as wealthy and classy, Myrtle would wear a big fur stole or shrug, such as this one.

a woman wearing a black 1920s Faux Fur Scarf Wrap Evening Cape

Get the Vintage Shawl!

Black goes with everything and this would really set off either the blue or the red dress.

When playing the part of Myrtle, you can go a little shorter with the skirt, a little deeper with the neckline, and don’t forget to go heavy on the makeup!

Look Sporty & Mysterious Like Jordan Baker

Jordan was a professional golfer, but since she had no family, she felt freer to expose more skin and dress a bit more wild.

Jordan wore women’s pants, but keep in mind that these were extremely rare.

There is no doubt that Jordan Baker, played by Elizabeth Debicki, is stunningly beautiful but also haughty and arrogant. Keep that in mind when choosing your outfit. You don’t care what anyone thinks, and you’re going to dress how you like.

That doesn’t mean that Jordan didn’t follow the rules of fashion, she just pushed them to the limit!

Start with a very revealing dress, such as this one

a woman in black wearing 1920s Great Gatsby dress with a tasseled hemline that is above the knee, black gloves, and black ankle-strap shoes

Get the Flapper Dress!

or this one

a woman wearing a retro fringed short-sleeved sequin Mini Dress and a headband

Get the Fringe Gatsby Dress!

The best outfits always went with the best accessories, and one of the things I loved about Jordan’s outfits was her hats! They were nothing short of absolutely stunning.

While I couldn’t find anything to match that gorgeous black one she wore to Gatsby’s infamous parties in his West Egg mansion, you could try something like this fascinator.

a woman wearing a green vintage dress and vintage Peacock Tea Party Fascinator

Get the 1920s Headpiece!

or this one.

a woman holding a flower and wearing a black costume that includes a dotted Retro Pillbox Veil Fascinator

Get the Vintage Hat!

Or if you want to dance and don’t want to worry about your hairpiece, this would also work.

Embellished Rhinestone Chain Headband

Get the Flapper Headpiece!

I also liked the earrings and necklaces that Elizabeth wore. They were feminine, but understated. I think these earrings would be a good addition.

Delicate Vintage Tassel Pearl Earrings

Get the 1920s Earrings!

If you’ve seen the movie as many times as I have, you’ll also notice that nearly all the accessories she wears are understated, like the single strand of pearls she wears in the opening of the movie.

a woman in a flapper costume and holding a wine glass

Get the Vintage Necklace!

We never do get a look at shoes in this movie, but I imagine that’s because they were pretty boring and basic all over the country.

For the Jordan Baker look, go with the Mary Jane cutouts for some extra style.

a pair of black closed-toe cut out ankle-strap Shoes

Get the 20s Shoes!

Great Gatsby Movie Costumes for Men

For men, this is an easy look to pull off. For parties, the overwhelming majority of men wore a tuxedo. No cummerbund and a bow tie were the standard look.

Whether you’ve decided to wear a Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan, or Nick Carraway costume, the job gets easier if you check out Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 movie version.

Leonardo DiCaprio made the character Jay Gatsby larger than life not only with his acting but his dapper look as well.

Tobey Maguire decided to play Nick Carraway differently. I’m thinking that, in the movie, they tried to make Nick look poor. However, if you read the Great Gatsby book, his family was quite well-off. Not on the same scale as Tom Buchanan, but he was hardly poor.

If you want to recreate the Nick Carraway look, use the navy blue yachting jacket with gold buttons, like this one

a navy-blue men's Double-Breasted Blazer with gold buttons worn over a white shirt with a blue-black-and-white striped tie

Get the Gatsby Jacket!

and a white pair of slacks like this one.

a man's lower body wearing white pants and black shoes

Get the Classic Pants!

I would buy these a bit long and then cuff the bottoms.

Add a pair of two-toned Oxfords and you’d be set.

a pair of Men's Lace-Up Dress Shoes Wingtip Oxford in black and white

Get the 1920s Oxfords!


Oh yes, if you’ve decided to wear a suit, don’t forget the bowtie. In the movie, Nick is wearing what looks like a red and silver tie. I couldn’t find one exactly like that, but I think this one will pass.

a man in a black suit wears a white shirt and a Red and Black Striped Bow Tie

Get this Bowtie!

For other men, you can pass as Tom Buchanan or Jay Gatsby by wearing the classic three-piece tuxedo with a bow tie.

a man wearing a classic black single-breasted three-piece shawl-collar tuxedo over a white shirt and a black bow tie

Get the Gatsby Attire!

Men may have it easy, but they certainly don’t get to have the fun that ladies do, right?

What about Plus Sized Outfits?

While the look of the 1920s was long and lean, that didn’t mean that there weren’t plus-sized ladies or that plus-sized women can’t get their Great Gatsby style on!

I’ve found lots of plus-sized flapper dresses, and the reviews are terrific! All of the following dresses are a bit stretchy. You should be able to order your regular size, but check the sizing charts just to be sure before you order.

You can try channeling your inner Daisy Buchanan with this flapper dress

a woman wearing a Vintage Paisley V-neck Flapper Gatsby Plus Dress, a headdress, and a pair of Closed Toe T-Strap Two Tone Pumps

Get the Plus Size Flapper Dress!

or if you like, you could try this style

a woman wearing a black Gatsby-style dress with an irregular fringed hemline

Get the Plus Size Fringed 20s Dress!

or even this beauty.

a woman wearing a plus-size black dress with zigzag-hem tassels

Get the 1920s Plus Size Dress!

If Myrtle is more your style, there are lots of choices, including this gorgeous dress,

a woman wearing a plus-size sleeveless Art Deco Flapper dress

Get the Gorgeous 20s Dress!

this style

a woman wearing a black flapper costume, a black sleeveless beaded V-neck mini dress

Get the Plus Size Sequin Dress!

or my personal favorite in red.

Sparkly sequined Bodycon fringe-sleeves Flapper Plus-size Dress in Wine red

Get the 1920s Dress!

Perhaps you fancy yourself as more of a Jordan Baker girl. You might find this dress right up your alley.

a woman wearing a black sequined and fringed Flapper Art Deco Plus size dress, a black headdress and white double-strand necklace

Get the Long Flapper Dress!

And if you’re looking for color, check out this fantastic style.

a woman wearing a plus-size green sleeveless V-neck sequin and fringe embellished prom party Gatsby dress, black ankle-strap open-toed shoes, and glittery headband and bracelet

Get the Stunning Plus Size Dress!

No matter which style or color you choose, don’t forget to accessorize! No proper flapper would be caught dead without a headband, necklace, earrings, and perhaps a couple of bracelets.

How Do I Choose the Right Accessories?

If all the choices leave your head spinning, I feel your pain! I seem to want to wear them all at the same time because they are all so beautiful!

You might find it easier to choose from accessory sets, such as this one

a 1920s Flapper Costume Accessories Set complete with black gloves, cigarette holder, pearl strand, gold fascinator, and a pair of glittery earrings

Get the 1920s Accessories!

or this one

1920s Flapper Crystal Accessories Set in black blue and white color motif - feather fascinator, blue crystal earrings, black gloves, cigarette holder and double-strand pearls

Get the Flapper Accessories Set!

or this one, which would go with almost any outfit.

1920s Flapper Gatsby Accessories Set - art deco style earrings and fascinator, long lacy gloves that expose the fingers, double-strand pearls, and cigarette holder

Get the Complete Gatsby Accessories!

By choosing an accessory set, you don’t have to worry if you forgot a piece or which headband would be correct.

Remember that flappers didn’t mind mixing gold and silver or wearing a red dress with blue earrings. They believed that color was beautiful, regardless if it matched anything!

I know that lots of ladies today simply don’t feel comfortable without a handbag (we all have car keys and a phone, right?), but that’s not a problem.

Check out these gorgeous handbags!

  • Gold

Gatsby Themed Crystal Evening Clutch with a wrist strap

Get the Gorgeous Bag!

  • Silver

1920s Full Rhinestone Studded Handbag with a shoulder chain or strap

Get the 1920s Handbag!

  • Black

1920s Vintage Flapper Beaded Clutch with a metal handle and shoulder chain or strap

Get the Beaded Clutch Bag!

  • Black and Gold


1920s Luxury Velvet Sequin Clutch with gold handle and chain

Get the Sequin Clutch!

  • Peacock (Remember that Peacock was all the rage)

1920s Gatsby Peacock Sequined Clutch with chain handle and strap

Get the Flapper Handbag!

  • Pink Pearls

1920s Luxury pink pearl-studded clutch with a metal handle and chain

Get the Vintage Bag!

I love every single one of the handbags from these times. They had so much class and splashy style you know that thought and creativity went into the design of each bag.

Final Thoughts

Catherine Martin did an excellent job of staying true to the flair and style of the Roaring 20s while giving the wardrobes an ever so slightly updated look.

While you may not be able to create a mirror image, you can recreate the style and colors that you see in this incredible movie.

Don’t get hung up on the details, however. The main point is to have fun, regardless of which character you decide to channel.

Get your Great Gatsby on, friends, and party like it’s the 1920s!

Best Great Gatsby Movie Costumes for Adults: Flapper Dresses to Tuxedos and More!
Best Great Gatsby Movie Costumes for Adults: Flapper Dresses to Tuxedos and More!
If you're thinking about retro but sexy, then we're talking about flapper dresses and Great Gatsby costumes! Go ultra chic with these 1920s outfit and accessories!
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