Stunning Gatsby Fringe Flapper Dresses – 1920s Style

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How do you dress like a 1920s flapper girl? If you want to achieve that authentic vintage look straight from a Gatsby scene, you’ll need to understand the style and spirit that defined that period.

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Fringe flapper dresses stood for the vibrancy, freedom, and progressive attitude of the women in that era. If you thought that the fringe flapper dress was merely a fashion statement or one for fun and dancing the Charleston, you can think again.

This vintage dress and overall look symbolized the peak of a feminist movement; it involved women willing to challenge Victorian norms of dressing and conduct. Remember also that 1920 was the year Congress granted women the right to vote. So this was not simply a rebellious period—it was a high point in the history of women.

So if you’re trying to pull together the Roaring 20s theme for an event you’re organizing or attending, a wedding shower perhaps, you’ll have to make sure that your costume designers understand and apply the right flapper vibe. You’ll learn more from this article, so keep reading!  

What Makes a Flapper Dress?

I’ve been referring to the flapper dress style as vintage, but the truth is that the 20s fashion ushered in the dawn of modern dresses. It freed women from the constricting corsets of the traditional Victorian and Edwardian clothing. The drastic change was no small feat; it was a big leap for women.

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Here are some of the elements that define a flapper dress. It is usually made of chiffon silk or satin material, which gives this dress its flowing and lightweight quality. A fringe flapper dress has a knee-length hemline, mostly fringed with layers of tassels, beads, lace, sequins, and other shimmery embellishments. This loose-fitting slip-over dress may feature a Peter Pan collar or V-shaped neckline and an uneven hem. This vintage dress is typically sleeveless, with a dropped waist.

All these elements in a dress, plus a pair of black round-toed, chunky-heeled shoes, a bobbed hairstyle, will make this dress perfect for dancing the Charleston and partying the night away.

Did Flappers Wear Fringe Dresses?

Yes, fringe dresses were a big part of women’s fashion ensembles in the 1920s. In the daytime, more conservative pleated skirts were a popular choice. But evening wear was much more inventive and creative.

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Party-goers wore fringe dresses in social settings. Flapper costumes often featured bright sequined dresses and had a highly opulent vibe to them. They were mostly made of layers of silk chiffon with flowing patterns and shines designed to look as radiant as possible. The back zippers and boat neck contributed to a unique, not-seen-before style in the 1920s.

Later, the look moved from a fringe style to become increasingly mainstream throughout the 1920s. It came to represent previously unseen liberation for women. It may have in some way began to help set the scene for the political and economic changes for women in the subsequent decades.

What Do You Wear to a Roaring 20s Party?

Roaring 1920s parties are a great themed night of (mostly!) sophisticated fun, and your dress options are plentiful!

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Flapper girls were the driving force behind these speakeasy nights, with bold dress styles and outgoing behavior. The backdrop of these parties was that alcohol flowed despite it being illegal under the prohibition laws of the 20s. This daring undertone served as inspiration for the fringe flapper dress style to carry through with electric energy even to this day.

If you’re on even greater levels of 1920s class may be on the show if a silent movie or Great Gatsby party theme is the order of the evening! With gold plating, ostrich feathers, and art deco style on show, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd!

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Whether it’s a party for a bridal shower, a themed wedding, a birthday bash, or even a Halloween celebration with a classy twist, there are some great flapper dresses to choose from.

Dancing the night away is rarely more fun than in a fringe flapper dress like this. The undertone of attitude and rebellion that it brings is a great platform for a nostalgic trip back to the Roaring 20s!

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To be the center of attention at a Roaring 20s party, you can take all kinds of design inspirations from the flapper girls of the period! This sophisticated look is a perfect way to blend sophistication with a flamboyant flair.

How Do You Dress Like a 1920s Flapper Girl – Best Flapper Costume Ideas

Because of the timeless popularity of the flapper girls, there is always plenty of inspiration to draw from. So the question on how to dress like a 1920s flapper girl is more about the fashion statement and mood you want to convey.
Amethyst Purple Flapper Women's Costume

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Depending on the vibe of the party, you may opt for the striking brilliance of an amethyst purple flapper costume. You will sparkle from head to toe with a bold sequin headband and captivating heels. Dancing the night away at a prohibition-themed party will come naturally for flapper girl fashionistas in an outfit like this.

Decked out with your full repertoire of accessories, including your classy cigarette holder, feather boa, and pearls, you will have the paparazzi waiting to take your picture as you enter the center stage!

Dreamgirl Women's Downton Doll, Blue, Small

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Alternative flapper dresses such as this fabulous choice are more subtle in color – but not in any other way! Featuring embroidered sequins, which is so famously associated to the era, the off-the-shoulder tassels give you a classy and unparalleled edge.
Women's White Fringe Flapper Costume

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Here’s another standout stylish number that will give you a true 20s vintage look.

The key to dressing like a 1920s flapper girl is to recapture that feeling of pushing new boundaries and adding that daring edge. Getting your outfit right and accessorizing yourself up to the hilt will automatically give you the secret password to speakeasy parties!

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What Flappers Really Wore in the 1920s

The underlying theme of the roaring 20s was the desire to push boundaries both in attitudes and dress styles. Standing out, getting noticed, and living for the moment was the order of the day. What flappers wore in the 1920s symbolized these ethos, and the style continues to live on almost a century later.

This era in the feminist movement emancipated women from the stuffiness of tradition, and what the flapper girls wore embodied this victorious spirit.

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The unique combination of a zealous nature and carefree fashion sense is captured in this ultimate fringe flapper dress (see Great Gatsby Upper Class 1920s Outfits ). With bold and daring sequin patterns designed to catch and dazzle the eye, this vintage dress will quite literally outshine others.

Add a Tassel Flapper Dress – Modern But Retro Take to Your Wardrobe

Although it was a long time ago, the spirit of the 1920s still lives on almost 100 years later. By adding a flapper dress to your wardrobe, you can bring a modern but retro touch to your collection!

This website will help you search for the right flapper dress for you, mimic the carefree look of the flapper girls, and fire up your imagination on how to recreate the authentic ’20s vintage feel and fashion.

What makes this exciting is that, with the right combination and accessories, you can incorporate a fringe flapper dress to your modern-day party wear for that intriguing touch of the Roaring 20s!

Don’t forget to complete the look!  Handbags, Accessories & Hat/Head Wear:


Fringe Flapper Dresses
Fringe Flapper Dresses
Fringe flapper dresses are a great way of combining retro style with a modern flair. But how do you dress like a 1920s flapper girl? This article reveals all!
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